Friday, August 22, 2008

new EXCLUSIVE color in Lorna's Laces

I'm so excited!! After months and months of working on getting the exact shades, Renaissance Romance is finally approved and sent to the que of "to dye" colors.

I had a devil of a time trying to get the monitor to reflect the exact shades. The red is a dark old red. It looks rather light, almost orange-ish, to me here. But in the skein above it is better.

Think of the shades of velvet from the dark ages. The green is very dark and deep. You will be seeing more of this color from me. The yellow is old gold.

I knit this swatch on a standard (4.5mm) gauge knitting machine at tension 8. That is pretty much the same as US#0 or 1 needle. The edges are rows of crochet. Sometimes when testing new yarns, you need to try different knit stitches and crochet stitches. The last 2 rows of crochet were done in double+ crochet. Which made the color clump together. I rather like it!

I forgot to tell you, that all 4 of my fair submissions got ribbons.

The first item was a felted cell purse bag. I posted pics of that on an earlier blog.

The 2nd item was a t-top for myself. Machine knit with Cascade Heritage Sock yarn in one of the hand-dyed blues.

The 3rd item was one of the EZ toddler vests. You can see a picture of that on one of my earlier blogs. It is hand knit, and I worked up and now sell the pattern for it.

The 4th item was machine knit using Cascade Heritage Sock yarn. It was a bolero for a young teen. This will be put into the sales studio at Heritage Textile Fiber Arts.

The rains have FINALLY left the Oregon coast. The sun is out and warm, with a slight breeze. Such a pretty day!

Tomorrow, Saturday, a large group of knitters will be meeting here. I cancelled my Friday group during the summer, so this will be a mixed group of knitters. Some that float from location to location each month, and some from my Friday group. So much to do !!


susies1955 said...

Wow you make some neat stuff. Congrats on the awards.
I love the Bolero especially. Is there a pattern for that? What machine do you have?
:) Great job,

Angelika said...

thanks Susie,

I have all the machines!! but the bolero was done on the Silver Reed Standard Gauge punchcard SK280.

the pattern was hand drafted. Don't know if it would be something you could read. I can share it with you if you think you can read it. It is only the one size.

susies1955 said...

You have ALL the machines eh? :)
I'm a new BOND ISM user so I wouldn't be able to figure it out but thanks,