Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Free shipping & another T-Top

Once you get a pattern that fits, you can change the details such as the neck line, sleeve length and hem type. In the upper left corner you can see the dark blue (Cascade Heritage Sock) T-shirt I machine knit in June. (See pictures here). The Cyan Blue pieces you see is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn in Island Blue.

I changed the neckline to a tab front, and the bands and hem are picot.

The white you see on the shoulders and around the front neck is waste yarn. Waste yarn is used to hold raw stitches. When I seam the shoulders together and add the front neck band, the waste yarn comes off. By not binding off stitches, you get a lot less bulk in the seams.

If this was a drop shoulder, loose fitting garment, the shoulders and back neck would need to be bound off. This bound off edging helps to support the weight of the drop shoulder sleeves and pulling down of the body. Otherwise, the garment just really droops off the shoulders, and the neckline is horribly pulled out of shape. Then what happens is the sides hang lower and the fronts and backs hike up! Ask me how I know!!

While the Cascade Heritage knit to 7.3 sts per inch, the Shepherd Sock knit to 7.8 inches per inch. I expected them to be identical, or at the very most the Shepherd Sock to be larger stitches not smaller. This can be important when you knit a fitted T-Shirt. Over 16", if I had not done a swatch, I would have ended up with 1" less with width for front or back. My fitted t-shirt would be 2" smaller. Not so good on a 50-yr old woman!!

The Yarn-Store now offers free shipping on orders over $75. This was a monumental decision for me to make. I am such a small store. I might sound big on my internet, but its pretty much just me. Janene comes in and pulls orders, and checks in freight. Only 2-4 hours a day. I do everything else, including the web design. Working long hours each day, watching every nickel and dime, made this a difficult decision. But! I really need to keep up with all the other stores on the internet, therefore, here ya go!! Enjoy!!

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Kara Gott Warner said...

Hi Angelika!
Thanks for sending your words or congratulations. Motherhood is certainly a new experience!

I see that you are also a machine knitter. I own a Passap Vario. I know the company has gone out of business, but I was wondering if you sell any old manuals for this machine. I have the instructional video on VHS, but I am trying to track down the CD rom version.