Friday, September 28, 2007

NEW SILK YARN for the Yarn Store

Took months, but new stock has arrived. I brought in SILK PURSE 100% silk from Alchemy Yarns. I've been looking for a really nice silk and this is truly the nicest one. And it wears so well. I've had to budget, so brought in 10 of the most popular colors. I will be ordering more colors, but am hoping you will tell me what colors you want.

It is a light worsted weight yarn. Truly an ideal weight for the human form. Flattering to all.

It's raining this morning, but I already see blue sky. Typical fall weather on the Oregon coast. See you soon!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Happy Feet!

My slippers are done, and my toes are very happy!! Perfect dressing to wear in a yarn store!

I added 1" in length, thinking my long feet needed it. Wrong!! The pattern, Lorna's Laces Fulled Slipper, as it was written would have been perfect. As it was I ended up needing to open a 2nd hank of Glory and they are truly an inch too long. So even if my feet were even longer, I think the pattern is dead on! I did find 3 corrections to the pattern. Lorna's Laces is making those changes and sending me all new patterns to replace the patterns I currently have. If you understand stocks, the errors aren't bad. But it is a good pattern for a beginner, so I requested these changes. If you already have the pattern, I can send you those notes. If you've ordered the pattern from me, you will be getting a replacement.

In the store today, I am working alone on shipping. After all the shipping is out I'm spending the afternoon with my nieces in Coos Bay. After raising 6 children, who return each summer to keep us young, it gets really quiet over the winter. Not that it is winter, but all summer activities are over and the young ones are back into their school schedule.

Well, talk to you soon! duty calls!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My felted slipper is done

Just finished my first slipper. Didn't want to wait weeks to show you, so here it is.

These slippers are very generous in their size, so if you think you need to go up one size, you don't. Ask me how I know! I thought I should add 1" extra in length. Naw.....should've stay as the pattern instructed. They are just a little bit long. And it forced me to get a 2nd skein of Glory. I'll have to do another pair....mmmm..... charcoal?? oh NO!! Chocolate!!! Despite being a tad bit loose, I'll love wearing them! Here in the Yarn Store, it is ever so appropriate to wear knit, crochet or felted slippers!

You can see the pattern at The pattern is shown in the colorway Black Purl, but mine is done in Navy.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jackets, slippers and oh deer!

Has it really been 2 weeks? I was trying to make posting to my blog a Sunday routine.
These 2 children have been hanging around the house ever since our dog went to doggy heaven. Mom is usually closeby. This morning, as I was knitting and drinking coffee the one in front walked up to the front door and was looking in the window. The window is about 3.5 feet wide and 5 feet tall next to the door. He (she??) was looking right in the window at me. I sure wondered what was going thru his mind! This photo above was taken thru the glass door that is located at the corner of my desk, in the store. Sure would've loved to take a photo of him looking thru the front door tho!!

Last Saturday, the 8th, was a very relaxing day at my Fiber Arts Meeting. One of these times, I will remember to take the camera. It is nice to sit at the back of the room and let others run the show. Although, my mouth has a habit of opening up and offering up comments maybe a little too often.

Sunday...oh yea....Sunday the 9th was in the 90s here on the coast. And with our humidity it felt much hotter. But since we so rarely have days like this I was loving every minute of being able to wear my summer clothes and my muscles were really loving the relaxing feeling of the heat. That kind of heat and humidity reminds me of our cruizes and visits to the Carribean and that will always bring a sense of relaxation. But last Sunday, I set my LK150 knitting machine up in the living room, in front of the 2 large picture windows and worked on a little short sleeve jacket for my youngest niece for Christmas. She has a pale-blush complexion and soft red hair. Green is a super color for her. She's 7 years old. The yarn is Cascade Sierra. I have another to do for her sister, who has brunette hair and red is her best color. I was going to use the Chili Pepper color for her, which is a Quatro color in the Sierra line, except that I sold all the hanks on the shelf, so am now waiting to get another order in.
Friday afternoon in the store, which is our Open Table Meeting, continues with smaller groups. Knitters/Crocheters are still enjoying the last days of the summer. Smaller groups is good too, for I am able to sit and knit with them. Friday I worked on my Full Slipper (Lorna's Laces pattern) in Navy. Slippers are so much more comfortable than shoes, and knit/crocheted slippers in the store are totally doable! (PS: The pattern has you cast on and knit to the toe, slightly felt them, then pick up stitches and knit a cuff. I didn't want that ridge under the cuff. So I cast on with kitchen cotton, knit a few rows and changed to the slipper yarn. After slightly felting it, I shouldn't have any trouble picking those stitches back up and removing the cotton. OR!! I can cast on for the cuff, knit the cuff and graft it to the sock. The pattern doesn't do this, but how many knitters actually knit a pattern without changing it!)

Found out last weekend that I have 12,000 shopping cart scripts that are old on my web site. And they stopped working! So for 48hrs, no one was able to place an order. YIKES !! My shopping cart people were able to make a patch to make them work, but they told me I'd better get started replacing them all. So one by one, I'm working on the web pages. IF anyone has told you a webstore is easier than a brick-n-morter store, they have never done both! I have both. It is MUCH easier to open a new box of yarn, make a pretty sign, knit a fun swatch and arrange a new display, than it is to build and maintain a single web page just for that yarn! Oh well. Would I change my profession......uh duh NOPE!!
Back to work! Hope you have a great week!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Memorial weekend-quiet and calm!

This was the view from my deck Memorial Day weekend, Sunday morning. Just so beautiful. The day ended up in the 70s. Surely rates a top 10 for Oregon Coast weather. What you see is North Tenmile Lake......just a corner of it. It continues on like fingers. On the left is North Lake Campground. I think that campground has been there for more than 40 years.
Alot of company was on our property this weekend. but it was all relatives of my daughter-in-law and friends. They camped on the low part, next to the lake. They had a great time. John (husband) was in heaven running all the youngsters around the lake in the boat and laughing at the jokes that the young adults come up with. If that doesn't keep you young, nothing will!

Another great achievement this weekend is the completion of my zippered, hooded jacket. This pattern is the "sandy jacket" in Bonnie A Franz's book Double Exposure. This took about a year and a half to knit. Here is a picture of the version in Bonnie's book:

I took all of yesterday off and finished that sweater and took my nieces to the Harry Potter movie. (Wore my new sweater in that air conditioned theatre!!) Also worked on a Kid Seta scarf I'm hand knitting and a short sleeve jacket for one of my nieces on my LK150. I'll take pics of those later and post them here.
In the meantime, orders from the website are pilling up and I need to get started working.
It was a great weekend and if the fog lifts, today will be a great day too!