Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New yarn, new patterns, new season

So busy, so much excitement....a couple new things since I last blogged.

Just a few days ago I added another sock yarn line. This yarn is quite a bit different than what I've stocked and is a wonderful addition.
Universal's Wisdom Poems Sock yarn has gradual, graceful color changes. While designed for socks, its color and content makup make it perfect for scarves and other projects as well. I stock all the colors. Even if you don't do socks, take a look at the colors!
1 ball has a very generous amount of yarn, plenty for a very large pair of socks!

Patty Davis Designs

Patty's crochet designs for children are bright, colorful, stylish and just simply amazing!

Dresses, vests, tops and jackets for Children. Cute, cute, cute!

On the home front, my sister Claudia is coming to Portland for the holiday weekend. I'm looking forward to kicking around downtown Portland, shopping, lotsa Latte's and good food! It is still overcast and having April-like weather here, but Saturday says maybe some showers and 67. That will be pleasant. Its those cold days I'm ready to say good-bye to! Need to look up and see what is all happening in the area and take advantage of those activities.

STORE HOURS: Currently my store hours are 10-3 Tuesday - Friday. Most of the time I'm also in on Monday and Saturday to at least noon to get the shipping done. I can also stay late on most week days. So if you need other hours, just give me a call at the store! Also, the table is open to knitters at lunch time or for your regular club/group meetings on most evenings. Call me about that too! 503-200-5991
More contact information here.

Bring me your projects! I want to see what you are all working on!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Ysolda Red is in STOCK!

The newest color in the Lorna's Laces Color Commentary Line has arrived. It is Ysolda Red!
Currently I have Shepherd Sock, Shepherd Sport and Shepherd Worsted. Shepherd Bulky and Helen's Lace will arrive soon!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Opening to knitting or crochet groups

I neglected to mention that my table area is open and clear. If you are part of a group of knitters in the Portland area, and would like to meet regularly or occasionally in my store, just let me know. Meetings can be over lunch hours, evenings or weekends. Call and we'll talk!! 503-200-5991 is the store #.

Store hours are posted on my contact page which
is http://www.yarn-store.com/yarn-store-contact-us.html.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Angelika's Yarn Store is Looking Better!!!

Took forever (or so it seemed), but I'm officially official !! My sign is up. I'm no longer a ski resort travel agency!! I'm truly a yarn store!! YAY !!!