Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day!

Pot o' Gold continues to be an amazing best seller here.  We love the bright color, and we see that you do too!  Pot o' Gold is a Done Roving color in their Frolicking Feet sock yarn.  But sock yarn is not just for socks!  This weight of yarn is wonderful for shawls.  Delicate, but washable!!  Perfect for knitting or crochet.   Here is a picture of customer, Laura's crochet shawl. 

And here is a picture of customer, Marsha's knit neck wrap.   The pattern Hitchhiker is available on Ravelry.

 I particularly like this weight of yarn on the standard gauge machine.  At tension 8 or 9, it makes a nice fabric for a t-top or sleeveless summer top.  And the lace carriage loves it!!

Today is Father's Day and thoughts toward the types of knit or crochet gifts for Fathers comes to mind.  For Dad's who like to snooze on Sunday afternoons, a cozy throw for Dad's chair is just perfect.  I did one for my Dad and he absolutely loved it.  For those more active Dads a scarf or hat in his team's colors is also a great choice.  But do consider if he is a "chunky" yarn kind of guy, or one who would use a scarf knit from Sport or Fingering weight yarns.  These fit nicely around the neck and tuck inside of dress coats or work jackets.  If he is a fisherman or outdoor's man, perhaps a vest is a good choice.  It is a great layer type of item.  Consider that wool is the most warm and breathable.  Particularly those wools that are hand wash only.  If you are around to do the washing, then that is the best choice.  But washable wool and acrylic blends are the perfect choice for the guy who does his own laundry.  Either way, the best gift for Dad is one where you think about his lifestyle and activities!  Even though today is Dad's Day, birthdays and the winter gift giving holidays are ahead, and this time frame allows you time to make the best choice!  Here are some links that might start those creative juices flowing.

Have a great Sunday, and we will talk next week!  Angelika

Sunday, June 10, 2012

House Cleaning this week!!

House Cleaning this week!! About once every 2 years, I go through the store and line up yarns to move on out. And about at the same time, I've placed my winter orders, which are often all about new yarn! Extra work for us, but exciting work! And for you, it means great savings! If you haven't been mulling over stitched gifts, now is the time, because of these great prices, you can stitch up even a nicer gift than you could have at regular price!

Sale and Clearance Yarn

All purchases of sale and clearance yarn are final. Be assured, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this yarn aside from being old classics and underdogs--not that there's anything wrong with that, either!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our Customer's Beautiful Things!

Henry and I totally enjoy the beautiful things that our customers create with yarn.  We love sharing in picking out the colors, we love crocheting and knitting through the project with them, and we really love recording the end result with stunning photographs, and sharing with all of you.

Phyllis's second afghan, another timeless keepsake, is Cascade 220 Superwash.  With hundreds of colors, in a superwash pure wool makes this yarn ideal for keepsake afghans.  This is out of a Leisure Arts book called "A Year in Afghans, Bk 1".  But with this yarn, any afghan is a gift to treasure.
See all the wonderous colors at:

Laura, our resident pro crocheter, has fallen in love with Done Roving's Frolicking Feet.  This fingering weight yarn is perfect for drapy shawls, whether you are crocheting or knitting.  This particular project uses the Pot o' Gold color, and the Oat Couture Lightweight Scarves #PH619.  Laura has plans for every single color of Frolicking Feet.  Done Roving is a small company from Maine.  Paula's wool comes from her farm, and her neighbors farm.  The wool is processed and spun, all here in the U.S.  Paula dyes the yarn in beautiful, deeply saturated shades.  We are very happy to support a business that supports the U.S. by keeping every single bit of it's product's processing here in the U.S.A.
Check out the yarn at:
and the crochet pattern at:

This is Patty.  Patty knits beautiful garments and classic styles.  This particular jacket is a free pattern from Cascade Yarns.  Their photo is done in yellow.  I do love yellow, but it seemed (now that I see it in Navy) that it distracted from the very usable style of this jacket.  Patty came in looking for something to go with her jeans.  It is just beautiful!!  It is a fast knit, not complicated.  Done in Cascade's Sierra, which is 80% cotton, 20% wool, it has great definition, the comfort of cotton, but with the added wool, it retains its shape and is easier to knit.
The pattern can be downloaded at
But be sure to come back and order the yarn at:

I love this photograph. Henry is working on a project, but in the test stage, he took this photograph.  Don't you love the stitch markers?  They are hand made by Portland resident Nona.  A set of 10 markers, also includes 2 extra contrast color markers.  They come in 3 different sets (sizes).  We don't have them online yet, but feel free to call and ask about our color selection.