Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am selling my personal bulky knitting machine: KH270 & KR260. This is the Brother Electronic machine. I've used it a lot, but it glides like butter and the bed looks super good. $1800.00 Would very much prefer that this machine is picked up from me.

I am also selling my PPD. This is loaded - - I bought it when it was a PPD100, but I also have Cartridge II, and Cartridge III (which brings it up to the PPD120-most recent version), as well as the Lace Cartridge and the Stitch World Extra's Cartridge. $350.00

Questions? call me at 503-200-5991 or email me at store@yarn-store.net

Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Arrivals !

New stock is arriving every week! A few weeks ago my 3 new lines of Kertzer Yarns arrived.

Baby Marble Yarn is a beautiful and soft acrylic yarn that changes colors. Baby Marble comes in huge 100 gram balls. This DK (5.5 sts per inch) Yarn is perfect for baby's knits that need to be machine washed.

Marble Chunky Yarn is a beautiful and soft acrylic yarn that changes colors. Marble Chunky comes in huge 200 gram balls. This Chunky Yarn is perfect for children's clothes and busy adults garments that need to be machine washed. At 3.5 sts per inch, these will be fast projects!

Tweed Montage is a yarn with a lot of interest! This wool/acrylic yarn offers unique color striping and an added tweed effect, all in an attractive, value-added 150g ball! Notably, there are 2 pattern repeats per 150g ball
Content: 56% Wool, 40% Acrylic, 4% Viscose
Gauge: 3.625 sts per inch
The model garment in the store really shows off how beautiful this yarn is. I selfishly wore the tunic for 1/2 a day. I loved the feel of it on. It was so comfortable and didn't feel like a bulky yarn at all!