Friday, August 1, 2008

Tyler & Summer Knitting

The week has flown by and it is the day Tyler and I head over to Sunriver, Oregon, for a brief family reunion (after a energizing stop at Valley River Mall, in Eugene, of course!!). Tyler and I have been hanging out together. She's been doing a lot of knitting and watching TV. What else does a 14 yr old do, except shopping? Oh, and working on her tan!

Tyler has developed a new love since our last visit together. She was given a camera at Christmas by her Uncle Scott. Here she and I are checking out how my camera works. Let me warn you, this was not planned, so neither one of us have make-up on! And Tyler is goofing off. Little does she know this pic was headed for the blog!

It may be overcast, but some mornings are quite warm. There is nothing like knitting in the early morning, with a fresh ground and pressed cup of Java! Here is my Neckdown Summer Sweater. It is now done (it wasn't in this picture). I spent a whole day wearing it and just love it. The yarn Lion and Lamb makes it super comfy. It took only 4 hanks. I'm hesitant to say I'd like it just as well in another yarn. So, I'm considering knitting another . . . same yarn . . . . but what color? MMmmmmm Edgewater!!

Well, my help isn't here today, so I'm going to make this blog short. Have to get shipping out and keep the packing going. If the day stays quiet, we hope to slip out early today.

Enjoy your weekend!


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