Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day - a 3 day weekend, YES!!

A 3-day weekend!!! That means 2 days off for me, because the post office WILL BE shipping on Saturday. But, as soon as they pick up, I'ma outta here!!

This is coming out soooo cute!! All bands are done in picot, and I even managed to shortrow the front neckline where it is over the tab front. That makes a soft curve downward instead of a 90-degree turn.

Can't wait to knit the sleeves and pick out some awesome buttons.

Again, this was done on a standard gauge main bed machine. I'm using my Silver Reed SK280. Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock is in Island Blue. Tension 8 for 7.8 sts per inch.

This yarn is great because it is soooo soft. And because it is a sock yarn, it is very washable and very durable.

With Labor Day weekend upon us, 4 of our 6 children are coming for the weekend. We have this great "field" next to the water that we mow each summer, all summer long that makes for a GREAT camping area. In the winter it is underwater, and the ducks, egrets, herons, geese, fish and all other sorts of wildlife hang out there.

While we have room in the house for all of our kids, we have become a destination spot for many of their friends and relatives. Family-in-law Chris, Shannon and Brandon arrived Thursday evening and staked out their spots.

Today more arrive, but I'm never sure who. I love surprises!! (uh, well, maybe . . . bad surprises I don't like!)

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