Friday, August 8, 2008

a fun two weeks!

Amidst a lot of tears, my granddaugher flew out yesterday. She spent quite a bit of time with us this year. She didn't bring any friends, and her Mom and Dad couldn't make it this year. Tyler and Oma (me) had a lot of one on one time together. She's soooo cool! I can't believe she loves me so much!!

Over the last few days, she knit and felted this little make-up bag. It turned out so cute!!

But take a look at what's in her purse. Knitting!!

At the last minute we decided to make some soap. We just do the simple melt-n-pour version. It is fun and fast. Melt the soap, add color, add fragrance, pour into your favorite mold, cool and pop out! Instant gratification! I had done some for Christmas and she used all hers up and wanted more.

This is what she spent most of her time doing! Watching TV and knitting! We did go to Sunriver, Oregon, for the weekend, of course, stopping to shop along the way in Eugene, and again on Saturday in Bend. There is nothing in the Coos Bay area for shopping.

And no one can shop like Tyler and Oma! The whole family knows that that is what we do best (besides knitting !)

The colorful project you see here is a blanket she started last summer. It is about 3 foot square. She plans on it fitting her bed! The yarn is Cascade Sierra.

Tyler is more than a couch potatoe. She is very into sports. She's an assistant coach this year for soccer in California. And she's taken a surf boarding camp earlier this summer. She also snow boards. She balances quiet fun with sports.

Despite the overcast cool days, she went out frequently on our lake. Here she is on the board, having at the ski course. She finally made it through the course around the balls.

In the store, Cascade has brought in 20 new colors. To make it easier for you, I have put them on a separate web page. You can see the colors here.


It is nice to see some paler shades. Not sure how well they felt, but I don't felt all my Cascade 220 projects.

My neckdown cardigan is done, but I'm still looking for the perfect buttons. Once I get the buttons in place I'll photograph it!

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Monique said...

Grandmother! Girl you look goooood!! Really enjoyed your blog. Keep 'em coming.