Saturday, May 21, 2011

Such a good feeling!

It's always a good feeling when a project is completed, and you are truly satified with the end result !! Knit on my Silver Reed LK150 using Feza Fanatic yarn. Pattern was designed and hand drafted by me.

Some people think machine knitting is cheating. But is it truly?? Beside the obvious . . . . "do you sew without a sewing machine?" . . . and my all time favorite "do you mow the lawn with your teeth?" (never fails to make a man laugh.) there is quite a lot of time in the planning of a machine knit garment. 100% of my "winging it" machine knit projects failed. But I've learn to enjoy it Preplanning can be inspirational. It's like when you are planning on a home remodel. So many choices, so many ideas.

In the case of this project, I ended up knitting both sleeves twice. Discovered this AFTER I put the sleeves in. Had to remove the button band once and put it on the correct, female, side of jacket. In a few spots, the machine split the yarn. I was really pushing the LK150 to knit bulky weight yarn. I knit it slightly firmer than a hand knit garment. I wanted a bit more body so it would hold its shape. Where the yarn was split I had to graft it back together.

I started this jacket on April 15th. Today, 5 weeks later, I am putting the finishing touches on it. Cheating? Many hand knitters could do this project in less time, others could not. A machine is just another tool. Some people like riding mowers, others prefer the walk behind. Some like big trucks, others like BMW convertibles. Some like to quilt, others like to crochet. Knowing you have choices is a wonderful thing!! When it comes to crafts, you need to do what brings you the greatest satisfaction. (While I might get the greatest joy from riding in a BMW convertible, I think that choice might be out of my hands! (hahahaha) )

Stay tuned! Another project is already on the machine. This time it is the Athena Tank from Knit One Crochet Too. This Tank is in the June issue of Knit n' Style. The magazine included machine knit instructions (by Mary Anne Oger). This one should go much faster as I'm not drafting from scratch. But things do go awry! Wish me luck!

Have you notice our new logo??

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Summer Cardigan Package Deal

It is rare for me to knit a pattern twice. But Knitting Pure and Simple's Summer Cardigan # 221 I did knit twice a few years ago. Comfortable over a shell, or even just fully buttoned up like a top. Perfect for cool summer mornings.

One of my cardigans is done out of Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb. Today, for a limited time, depending on existing stock availability, I am packaging up a Summer Cardigan Deal for you.

In finished chest measurements of 36, (40, 44, 48, 52)", knit it fairly close to your bust measurement or just barely above. The knit will ease to fit without looking oversized and clumsy.

For a limited time, I will offer prices of
$120 (value $175.50) for 36";
$120 (value $175.50) for 40";
$144 (value $209.50) for 44";
$144 (value $209.50) for 48";
$168 (value $243.50) for 52".

This includes the yarn and the pattern, and free shipping within the U.S. (International orders will have a shipping charge).
Many colors are deeply stocked, so your color selection is excellent. Check my Lion and Lamb page for stock availability, and then call (503-200-5991) Henry or I right away to place your order. If you are a current customer, it may only be necessary to email us ( to get your order placed. But don't hesitate! This offer only applies to the stock on my shelves, and it first come first shipped!

The continueing saga of my Fanatic Jacket. . . .
. . . you have all probably heard of the 2nd sock syndrome? Well, it has been verified that I have 2nd sleeve syndrome!

I'm always gun-ho on sweaters beginning with the backs, then to the fronts, slowing on the 1st sleeve, and stopping before the 2nd sleeve. I've two sweaters in progress. One by hand and one in Feza Fanatic on the Silver Reed LK150 knitting machine , both which came to a dead stop after the first sleeve. But the prognosis is good and the issue has been addressed and cured (for the moment!) The hand knit cardigan is in the bands stage. And my machine knit jacket (shown here) is now in the hood stage.

The wonderful thing about machine knit garments is the ease at which you can reknit pieces. After I completed both sleeves and had them sewn in, I had an uneasy pit in my stomach. After trying on, it was confirmed. Darn sleeves were way too short. I should have know better! I've long arms for my size! After removing the sleeves, I unraveled back to the armhole bind off and rehung on the machine, knit an add'l two inches, reshaped the cap, and reblocked the sleeve. Repeated for 2nd sleeve, and by the end of the afternoon, both sleeves were back into the garment and their length is perfect! Hood will be in garter stitch, a stitch that is a bit tedious on the machine, so will take longer. Plus the row gauge will be slightly off, so there is a good chance the hood will need to be knit twice. But I'm on a roll again!