Thursday, October 27, 2011

Crochet Hook Sizes are confusing!

If you have have trouble with your crochet gauge, it probably isn't you.  What the US calls a hook is not always the same from company to company.

millimeterAddi-SkacelKAKnitters PrideCloverBrittanyCrystalites


And this became even more evident as I tried to create a table for those hooks that I stock.  

I suggest looking closer at your crochet hooks.  If your projects are not coming out to gauge, check the millimeter size of your hook.  But in all cases, it does not matter what hook you use, only that you are getting the gauge that the pattern calls for.

NOTE:  Handknitters! Beware.....there is also some discrepancy in US knitting needle sizes as well.  It is for this reason than my circular knitting needle pages are sort by mm sizes.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hooks and News

Newsletter went out today!  If you aren't signed up to receive it, you can read it on my Newsletter Page.  This newsletter only goes out 4 times a year.

Also new is the Knitters Pride Line of knitting needles and crochet hooks.  Henry has finished the Knitters Pride Crochet hook page. The Symfonie Dreamz is a luxurious color-coded wood set. These hooks, while dyed, keep the natural grain look of the wood they were made out of for a sophisticated, yet distinct look. To further the detailing several decorative rivets have been engraved on the ends of these needles.

And their price is really good!!

All the knitting needles, both the Dreamz and the Nova line will be in stock and added to the web as fast as our fingers can fly!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A couple New Infant Patterns-Quick projects!

Mealtime Set

#BB222 from Oat Couture
Bib, Bunny and Washcloth for Baby
Bib & Washcloth need 125 yds of DK or Lt Worsted Cotton yarn. I recommend Universal's Cotton Supreme. US#6
36" needles and 13 ring markers
Bunny requires 35yds of white or natural dk weight yarn. US#5 needle.

Newborn Layette
Knitting Pure and Simple #121

Jacket, Hat and Booties done in size appropriate weight yarn. I mean, the fabric that fingering weight yarn creates is perfect for these tiny sweethearts! I recommend Catania. Catania is a 100% cotton, washable, in fingering weight. Comes in Solids and multis. Or if you prefer wool. Of my wool yarns my Shepherd Sock or Solemate is my softest, and is very washable!
Sizes: Preemie, Newborn, 3, 6, and 12 months.
Materials: Fingering weight yarn approx 258, 376, 402, 427, 475 yds. 24" circular and double points US#3 and 1. Scrap yarn, stitch markers, safety pin, blunt darning needle.
Gauge: 6.75 sts per inch on US#3 or size needed for this gauge.

See and Order both of these patterns and more at

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DesigaKnit 8 and OMG, the manuals!

I snapped this picture of my DesignaKnit 8 manuals with my phone this morning.  6.2 lbs of paper, printed double sided.  5 manuals. This program is amazing and super powerful.  With so many features, I'm overwhelmed!  

DesignaKnit 8 is a powerful computer-aided knitwear program for PCs.  It is available in 4 packages (Standard (for machine knitters), Professional (for machine knitters), HandKnit (NEW!! for hand knitters) and Complete (contains both Professional and HandKnit).

With only a few hours a week to spend learning the features and the steps of DesignaKnit 8, I knew I needed paper to read and write on.  As you can see, I'm already sticking post-it notes out the top.  Found the section on printing out hand knit instructions.  And I'm very pleased with what was shown.  

DAK 8  has 7 garment print options.  
Garment Notation is the garment outline with the shaping notations (i.e. 24: +1s19x6. which means at row 24, increase 1 stitch, then knit 19 rows, for a total of 6 times).
Garment Text is a row by row desciption of both shapiing and stitch pattern.  This option is for the hand knitters and you will have to have either the HandKnit package or the Complete package (which includes the HandKnit).
Knit Leader and KnitRadar are two machine knit printouts. This are printouts that are either full scale or half scale.  Tape them together and you use them for the knitting machine accessory that helps to shape garment pieces.  I've printed out the full scale and used it as a blocking guideline.  Cut out the garment pieces, tape them together, pin around the edges on the blocking board, lift off the paper shape, lay my garment piece down between the pins and no measuring is needed!
Shaping as X's.  This is where each stitch is represented by an "x".  I've not used this much in the past, but if you are really particular about each stitch, this layout shows it very well.  I'm sure there are more uses for this, and this printout is on my  "to research more" list.  If color is used in this design, the x's will also be the corresponding color that you set it to be.  In other words, if you have a row of hearts, this layout will show the x's in boxes of different colors.  You can not only see the exact stitch shape, but also what color it is.  The perfectionist will love this as a proofing tool!
Print Text Summary would be like the cover sheet of your pattern.  It is information that was entered in your Options/Tensions window when the garment is being planned.  If the garment was created in DAK Standard Garment Styling originally, then this summary will also include body measurements + the add'l ease.  No guesswork here!

Authors note:  I'm still learning, so there may be a few omissions and misunderstandings as I go thru the Designaknit manuals.  With only a few hours a week, progress will be slow.  Please share you progress with me as well!!  

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Designaknit 8 is here!

With 3 new options for knitters, Designaknit will meet all your designing needs.

The greatest change is the HandKnit feature. The Handknit feature is included in the Designaknit 8 Complete Package, or if you only want the HandKnit Package, it is available as a stand alone program. My software is on its way, and I am excited to learn all that it offers.
The Handknit Package is a complete design and charting system for hand knitters. It includes an extensive collection of stitch cables, 200 new hand knitting stitch symbols, abbreviations and instructions. Use as they are, or alter them to suite your needs.

Packages available are the HandKnit Package, the Knitting Machine Standard Package, the Knitting Machine Professional Package and the Designaknit8 Complete (Professional and HandKnit combined).

See What's New in DAK8.
Download the Designaknit 8 NEW FEATURES pdf.

Go to my Designaknit 8 page to order upgrades and full packages.