Friday, April 29, 2011

Newest Noni Patterns!

This just arrived today! I dumped the box, tried to make it casually attractive and took a quick photo.

The newest Noni Pattern, the Bettie Boop bag, is now in stock!

Nora says "Inspired by the beloved, alluringly feminine icon of the 1930's, this bag is both flirty and straightforward, delicate yet ever so comfortable. Just as the original Miss B. practically purred with the romantic gleam of the jazz age and the revolutionary confidence of the Flappers, The Bettie Boop will give you the irresistible urge to flaunt your feminine side while still staying perfectly put together. Elegant underpinnings, including a clever, fully assembled (USA-made) hex frame and a totally innovative blossom-shaped turn-lock, create the ideal silhouette to show off sculpted blooms and the sparkle of crystals and beads."

The flowers and their sparkly crystals are just adorable!! and you can order the flower pattern on its own to apply to your own bags and garments.

And check out that patent leather handle. It's the handle on the left of the handles. OMG!! I love patent leather. and Laura (JUL Silver) tells me it is REAL patent leather! The bag is designed to open and close with a purse frame. And I have those in stock too. It's those metal things in the top right of the photo. I have most all of the hardware in stock, except a few items that were backordered.

They are on my desk, they are in inventory, and by end of tomorrow I should have them online. But if you just cannot wait, email me at .

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gadget Sack Plus

Gadget Sack Plus
Just arrived! Exclusive to us, the Gadget Sack Plus. (Style #20)
A 7.5" square vinyl bag. The prototype went immediately into my bag to hold my comb, lip gloss, mirror, all those essentials you know! But originally it was designed to hold a bit more and larger knitting tools than the basic gadget bag.

This is a perfect organizer for purses, travel bags, school bags, knitting bags and more.

Also check out these add'l sizes!

Ashland Sky Project Pouch, Clear front - clear back with aqua zipper (9.5 x 12") (Style #10)
Will hold small projects such as infant, sock and small scarves, as well as most needles and your pattern and magazine!
I also use one to hold my ipod docking station when traveling.
Ashland Sky 6" Gadget Sack. (Style #9)
6" gadget bag, clear front and back, with aqua zipper.
Perfect for corralling those ring markers that like to disappear, as well as measuring tapes, cable needles and lots of other small items.
I use one for my contact solution and supplies when traveling!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Short Term Spring Special on Lorna's Laces Yarns!

Lion and Lamb: Normally $34.00, rolled back prices to $29.00
Elegant! Used in the Clapotis pattern in

Angel: Normally $15.50, rolled back prices to $9.00
Baby soft. Used for baby booties and chemo hats. Very warm, very soft, very rich!

Heaven: Normally $71.00, rolled backprices to $59.00
Beautiful soft silky mohair. Slightly heavier than lace weight. HUGE hanks of 975 yads.

Friday, April 22, 2011

New Addi Click accessories!

The addi Click Hook set is intended as an upgrade or "booster pack" to the existing Click sets. Each travel pouch contains 8 Addi hooks (3.5mm, 3.75mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm, 8.0mm, and 9.0mm). Missing the Addi Cro-Hook? This is the solution. The addi Click Hook set is intended to lock into your existing addi Click Set. Easily pick up stitches, then change to your knitting needle to knit up!
Order here!

addi HeartStopper: Click Accessory
HeartStopper end-caps are a versatile addition to the most comprehensive interchangeable knit and crochet system available, the addi Click System. Remove the addi click needle from the cord and replace with the addi HeartStopper so your stitches not lost. This allows you to "hold" those stitches on that cord, while freeing up the needle tip to use on another cord. Cute aren't they!!
Order here!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Feza is online!

Things are busy here in the store.....and the web site is no exception. My Feza yarns are online and available. We are still tweaking those pages a bit, but they are functional and easy to follow.

Feza Cyprus Mohair is a Acrylic Mohair blend. Very soft and cozy, very pretty and will knit up fast at 4 sts per inch. The yardage is 178yds per ball. I love the shimmery softness of this yarn and cannot decide which color I like best. Would be adorable in a short jacket with a bit of waist showing. Pair with a complimentary shell under for a real coordinated look.

Feza Fanatic Yarn is a blend of 77% Acrylic, 20% Wool, 3% Nylon. I've been knitting this on my LK150 Silver Reed Knitting Machine at tension 9. I'm going to work extra hard today, so that I can have an hour toward the end of the day. Its my goal to get a sleeve done before the end of the day! Yardage is a hefty 231yds per ball and this yarn is considered a bulky weight, at 3.5 sts per inch on about a US10.5 needle. A soft yarn, but very cool!

Alp Premier and Alp Dazzle are wild ribbon combinations. Have a wedding to attend? Knit up a wrap that will be cute, fun, wild and crazy. Use a Dazzle shade if you want to go wild-conservative, or Premier for zany-wild! Use a US#10 needle and this wrap will get knit up very fast. Mother of the Bride? Consider working one up in white for the bride! Weddings, receptions, anniversary parties, garden parties.....all of those are perfect for this yarn.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fanatic in April !

If you have read my mission statement on the home page of my web site, it says one must enjoy their knitting, even if it means keeping to the simple projects. A simple project me for is one that is mostly stockinet stitch. I don't have to keep track of which row for which stitch manipulations I have to do, counting stitches, counting rows, all the while I'm tired from a long work day. All I have to worry about is shaping, which is simple for me. But I will use an amazing yarn that appeals to me. One that is just my color, or one that makes me feel goooood!

This project is a raglan jacket. It will have long sleeves, a hood and bands up the front. When I get to the bands, I will decide if I will have buttons, a zipper or maybe just a tie closure. I have to wait until the garment is closer to being done, then it will tell me what it needs.

I wear a lot of black. Seems like everyone in Portland wears black. But I like to throw in a dash of red. This is colorway is a bit livelier than normal for me, but when the weather turns, and I can stop with all the layers, this fun blend will be perfect.

The yarn is FEZA FANATIC and comes in a handful of these long blended shades. It is a bulky yarn, that gets 3.5sts per inch. I barely managed to make it work on the Silver Reed LK150 at tension 9. Perhaps a bit tighter than I would have hand knit it, but it has a nice firm body perfect for this jacket, yet the hand is soft and drapey. Otherwise, this would knit up wonderfully on the Silver Reed SK155 Bulky machine.

One thing about April acting like February around here, is that I can continue to knit like it is February!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Maggi Knits Tweed Trellis Shawl

Spring is coming! They promised me! But here in Portland, Oregon, most days are still in the low 50s. It's easy to get chilled. So I'm back working on my Maggi Tweed Trellis shawl.

It looks great with my jeans! The way the shoulders are shaped it does not fall off!

I had for a few weeks, a couple of shawls from Maggi. I'm not quite half way with mine, but I'm working steadily on well as toooo many other projects! In the store, I have 5 more kits, white/charcoal, natural/brown, avocado/sage green, turquoise/purple (see photo) and my personal favorite denim.

Call me if you would like to order yours! 503-200-5991. Or if you already have an account setup, just email me at !

Friday, April 8, 2011

Brooklyn Tweed Grand Street Ink

New Color from Lorna's Laces - - Brooklyn Tweed Grand Street Ink
Helen's Lace in color Grand Steet Ink

It's here, it's here! Grand Street Ink, the latest in the Color Commentary Series. It's a really rich, wine-y brown-y purple-y beauty. The original color inspiration came from some wonderful graffiti that Jared Flood ( saw on Grand Street in Brooklyn that used heavy swaths of rich indigo and black.

Helen's Lace Shawl from Jared Flood.

Download the pdf pattern from Jared at Brooklyn Tweed

Join the Lorna's Laces KAL for this project on RAVELRY.

Also, in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, Shepherd Sport, Shepherd Worsted and Shepherd Bulky!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kid Seta has had a face lift!

KID SETA has had a face lift!! All new colors, same great price, and its' new cousin KID SETA NOIR !

Cascade Kid Seta Fiber: 61% Super Kid Mohair / 35% Silk / 4% Wool. Yardage: 25gr / 300 yds

Cascade Kid Seta Noir Fiber: 60% Super Kid Mohair / 22% Silk / 11% Nylon / 7% Metallic (Lurex). Yardage: 25gr / 232 yds.

The original Kid Seta is on clearance!
Check out prices and availability here!

This super fine lace weight yarn makes me think of feathers floating on a summer breeze. The Noir has an extremely subtle lurex in it that is barely noticeable for a upscale, classically elegant touch.

Super easy to work with on anywhere from US#6, 7, 8 needles.

I've been testing it on my Silver Reed mid-gauge machines ( SK160 & LK150 ) and it is too much fun to even begin to describe here. I've also tested it on the standard gauge (SK280). I prefer to knit it at the higher tension on that machine, because I like the glow of the yarn to work free.