Saturday, May 30, 2009

Trips, Sunrises and Fog!!

It's official and the last of the paper work to deal with. TNNA (The National Needlework Association) puts on a trade show twice a year for store owners. In June it is in Columbus June 13-15. Plane tickets are purchased, room is reserved and my show passes have arrived.

If you will be there, look me up. Most of the time I'll be at the Silver Reed(Knitcraft)booth.

As promised, another color commentary in Lorna's Laces arrived this week. This color is called Sunrise and is a creation from Wendy at Wendy Knits Blog. Dramatic!! I have Shepherd Sock, Shepherd Sport, Shepherd Worsted, Helen's Lace and Lion and Lamb currently in stock, in this color.

Last but certainly not least are two more web site updates. These jobs take up so much time and are simply mind numbing. When new colors are introduced, I need to cross reference numbers and names to my data base. Proof color card labeling to my database. Cascade does a really nice job of scanning the color cards and they are super quick to send me them. I proof their numbers to my database, then process the graphics. Processing consists of removing their numbers, then retyping them along with the color name. Save one copy for my catalog, process again and save a pdf copy for the web site and/or a jpg version for the web page. Last but not least, cross reference colors on cards to what is currently on the web and add all colors not listed. The mind ends up in a haze after a while. This past week Cascade Sierra and Cascade 220 Superwash both had massive updates. Sierra wasn't so bad. It has great colors, just not zillions of them as the Superwash has. The 220 superwash has so many colors, I cannot put the 220 Superwash color cards on the same web page as the shopping cart scripts. Another window opens up for that. Or you can click on the pdf color card and print it out.

Next on the to do list is Cascade 220. Sigh . . . . more new colors there too!!

On the home front, a somewhat quiet week. Son Cody was down last weekend from Portland, and he's here again this weekend. Lakeside is super for fishing, and he sleeps, eats and dreams fishing. He was born with a pole in his hands. Don't know where he got that. His father nor I fish. But he's a good son. He always saves time for his Mom, whether it is having lunch or taking a few hours out from his day to play pool on our table. I will toot my horn, tho, our games are 50/50. It's fun to beat your son at pool!

Tomorrow we will be heading up to Albany for a family picnic. The coast is socked in fog. The valley is in the 80s. I hate fog!! Can't wait to hit the heat. I must be part lizard!! I don't come alive until it hits at least 75 degrees.

'til next weekend !!!

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