Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer Daze

This weekend on the coast, it is beautiful. Saturday it was in the mid 70s in Lakeside, which sits about a mile east of Highway 101. Like a lizard, I love the heat! I don't come alive until it gets warm! And we don't get much of that there. A friend parked his car at our home for the day and, with a grin, handed me the keys. My grin was much bigger!! Needless to say, all work was tossed to the wind! We cruised up to Reedsport to show our temporary toy for the day to my sister, Claudia, who took a picture. What a day. LOVED IT!!

Early Sunday morning, when I usually sit around in my PJs, I was hard at work on the web site. Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn has 12 new colors. Yarn is in stock. Catalog is updated. Web page is updated. PDF is added. CHECK that job OFF.

You know sometimes you get an idea in your head and you just know you have to do it. And you have to do it NOW!!

This project is so pretty it is hard to look away from it. This is the back. The yellow at the top and bottom is waste yarn when the shoulder is seamed and I've attached a hem, it will be removed. The yarn is 100% silk from Alchemy Yarns called Silk Purse. What a sin!

I'm working it on my LK150 knitting machine. Much much hand manipulating going on. But even so, it is much faster than hand knitting.

Sun it still out. It is only noon this Sunday. Am going to find a rock to lay on and soak up the sun!!

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