Saturday, May 9, 2009


It is probably a good thing to have many WIPs. After setting aside the Crochet Yoke Pearl Shell, I was able to come back to it with a renewed energy. And its done! Not quite as I expected, but working with silk yarn (this yarn is Lorna's Laces Pearl) is different than with wools. Silk has no body at all. Add to it that my design was a lace crochet yoke which gave me no foundation to hold up the shell, presented me with a new challenge of stabilizing a lifeless, limp fabric.

click on the pictures to get a bigger, more detailed view.

The yoke is crocheted, and I'm a beginner there. The bodice was machine knit on the LK150 from Silver Reed. I knit on that machine more than anything else. It's just a fun machine to work with, and it does its' darnest to be agreeable!!

On the business front, my Cascade Rep, George, came by yesterday. Darn he gets expensive!!! There are new colors in 220 Superwash, Baby Alpaca Chunky, Alpaca Lace, Pastaza, 220 Pure Wool and Heritage Sock. I went ahead and ordered all the new colors in the Heritage Sock, and I do have the scripts all posted onto the web page, but no color cards yet. Cascade promises I should receive digital graphics next week. Remember I said web work was like house cleaning?? Never done!

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Until next time, knit on!


KnittinNurse said...

So whatever did you do to stabelize it - it ls lovely!

Angelika said...

I had to alter the armhole of the stockinet portion to come up to the top of the shoulder. Because the crochet lace just "melted". Once the crochet lace was slip stitched to bodice, I had to do a row of single crochet there as well. It was a new experience for me. But ended successfully.