Sunday, May 24, 2009


Memorial Day weekend on the coast is often times cool or wet, or both. This year it is cool and windy, but the sun is out, and if you can find a sheltered spot, it is quite nice. But the wind is cold!!

Finished my Lacy-Cable shell. Originally it was to have either 3/4rd or at least a cap sleeve, but after getting the bands and hem done, it just screamed "sleeveless". So be it. This is Alchemy's Silk Purse, a 100% pure silk yarn, in the Poppy color. Used every single last yard of 4 hanks. It was machine knit on the LK150, but the cables and lace is all hand manipulated. Every stitch and every row was architectually planned out. With a machine, you don't knit to inches. You MUST know exactly how many rows you will need.

The LK150 machine was put away today. I was rather sad. I love working with that machine. I believe I will dig the SK280 back out and set up the lace carriage. I don't often do lace on the Silver Reed. With so much to do, just seems like I don't get around to it much. But I have an event coming up in a few weeks and I need to be able to operate this machine, and all its features without much thought. I could do this mindlessly on the Brother machines, but never had to with the Silver Reed. Now my time as come!
If you would like a brochure on knitting machines, I have a 20-page booklet. Email me at and I will email you back the pdf.

The store was all business this week too. Weekly shipment from Lorna's Laces brought in the basic colors, and Cascade as well. This coming week the Lorna's Laces shipment is bringing in the next color commentary blogger color Wendy Johnson of WendyKnits .
WendyKnit's Sunrise should be here Wednesday or Thursday, in Shepherd Sock, Sport, Worsted, Helen's Lace and Lion and Lamb.

Have a great holiday!

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baby face said...

I think your sweater is great just
like it is and I love the color.