Saturday, September 27, 2008

a confession

I have a confession to make. I've a new love. Errrr rather have rekindled a passion from high school.With my children all over 21, I've occasionally been convinced to join them at our local family pub. For a Mom whom my children think doesn't know anything about pool, we've got some funny stories. My favorite was when I beat my 22yr old son, Cody, at pool at the local pub, in front of all of his friends. Friends of many ages. He was dumbstruck and moaned about it for days. I loved it! Mom is NOT all work and no play!

On an impulse that was really not impulsive, my son-in-law, Todd and I took a comacasy 4 hour trip to Oregon City to pick up this used table. At 37 years old, it is practically a collectors piece. Left the house at 8am, and drove back in at about 8pm. Todd is a dynamo. He had half the table put together before I told him he needed to stop. Thanks to Ron and John for helping unload those heavy slates, and thanks to Cody and Zack for loading them in Oregon City!!

As much as I wish the day would stretch to allow me to do everything, plus pool, it does not. Todd and I played everynight and of about 20 games, I actually dropped the 8 ball of 2 games before he did. But many, many times we were right down to the 8 ball at the same time. Practice, I gotta practice!!

This afternoon, after some practicing on the table, I sat back down to the knitting machine. Did one sleeve. Darn!! Where that drop stitch come in at!! Do I want to cheat and mend it? I know I can do it invisibly.

In my hand knitting, my neck down summer sweater body is done. Neckband is done, and I'm working on the button band. Once they are done, I'll do the sleeves. Shouldn't take long, right?

3 new patterns from Vermont Fiber Designs. She's really working up some beautiful, feminine looks. I like!!

And from Lorna's Laces, in the color commentary line, in the color Amy's Vintage Office, only until the end of the year they are dying this absolutely to-die-for 49/50 silk/bamboo light worsted yarn. OOOOhhh myyy gosh!!! I immediately put my order in and should have it in hand in a couple of weeks. Speaking of Amy's Vintage Office color, you just have to check out the photos Zonda took. They are really really good, and show off the colors so perfectly I feel like I could touch them. Amy's Vintage Office (AVO) is going to be an incredible color. I'm already sold out on the Shepherd Sock and Helen's Lace, and I've increased my quantity on my reorder!

The LK150 is whispering to me....knit me, knit me......tata for now!

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