Thursday, September 4, 2008

Shepherd Sock Island Blue T-Top

Takes me forever to get a photo I like. So I set up the camera on the checkout counter and set the timer. Needless to say, I took about 50-zillion pics!!

Anyway, here it is. My T-Top knit out of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock on my Silver Reed SK280.

Doesn't show the picot edging, but I'll get closeups of that.

It was interesting to note that the gauge was somewhat looser on this top. The shoulder points really wanted to slip down over my shoulders. To stop this from happening, I took some thread-thin elastic and single crocheted from the shoulder points to the shoulder points and across the back neck. I probably could have just done the back neck because that was where a lot of the shifting was going on.

In really high end tops, you see a lot of stabilization this way. I've seen St John's Knits pants with this black rubber tape stitched down from center back to center front.

The store was really busy today. I had to hold many orders just waiting for UPS who had my Cascade Yarns and another knitting warehouse supplier shipment. They were about 90 minutes late. Doesn't bother me much except that it was getting quite close to the post office pickup. But Janene and I got all those orders out!!

Last night I cast on for another "tyler's cosmetic bag". This is hand knit and felted. I am putting the little pattern in our local guild's newsletter and wanted to proof it. Good thing I did because a lot of the pattern assumes, and is literally incorrect. Maybe you'd like to have it too?

Tyler's Cosmetic Bag
Cascade 220 Peruvian Wool. Small amount of waste yarn.
Needles: US10.5 double point.
Zipper: Double Head, large tooth, plastic zipper.
Abbreviations: kfb: knit in front of stitch as normal, but leave stitch on left needle Knit into the back of the stitch, then slip off.
Cast on 30 sts loosely with waste yarn, knit a few rows.
Change to one strand of Cascade 220, and
1. K1R.
2. P1R.
3. K1R.
4. P1R.
5. K1R.
At the end of the 5th row, With a 2nd needle pick up 3 stitches on short edge of rectangle.
With a 3rd needle, knit the next 29 sts of main yarn off the waste yarn.
With a 4th needle pick up 3 stitches on this last edge.
Round 1: *k5, kfb* repeat the starred instructions, 3 more times. K6. change needle.
K 3 sts on the edge. Change needle.
*k5, kfb* repeat the starred instructions, 3 more times. K5. change needle.
K 3 sts on the edge. Change needle.
Round 1 completed.
Rounds 2 through 26. Knit all rounds, being sure to change needles at corners.
Round 27: Bind off loosely while knitting this last row.
Felt in washing machine. Hand stitch in zipper. Zipper shown in photo is double headed, large tooth zipper.
Gotta go!! Talk to you again soon! Angelika


Monique said...

Hi Angelika
In an earlier post on the same page you say that you knit this top on the SK-280. Was this done on the 280 or the LK-150??

Angelika said...

Hi Monique,
The Island Blue was done on the SK280, but the Bright Pink (Swirl DK) is being done on the LK150.