Thursday, September 18, 2008

End of Summer?

You know when you don't hear from me, things are very busy.

My part time helper Janene got very sick and has not been in this week. Think of Janene in your prayers. She's has a heart of gold and a overly generous personality. That sometimes makes her overdo things.

Another huge crate of Cascade Yarns arrived this week. Fixation and Pima Tencel was the majority of this box. It is interesting to see what yarn is selling like hotcakes. Most often it is Cascade 220 and Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock.

Speaking of Lorna's Laces, UPS is due to deliver the new color commentary color "Knitty" today. It's called Amy's Vintage Office. Her inspiration was her office full of gorgeous old office equipment and furniture. Lorna's Laces worked with images of a charcoal desk, steel grey filing cabinets, a card catalog that was grey with the slightest hint of violet....and a light blue princess phone. With all those greys, Lorna's Laces couldn't resist adding a bit of the princess. Yowsa! This color rocks!

Sue at Vermont Fiber Designs has a wonderful sense of style and she's a really awesome gal!! My fingers are just itching to start one of her newest patterns called Empire Waist Cardigan. Such feminine elegance!! I think the Cascade Pima Tencel would work well. The Pima Tencel has really nice drape.
Summer was a sad deal this year. Most days were very cool, foggy or overcast. This past Sunday was one of a few pleasant days. The morning was warm and sunny and there was no breeze until around noon. The lake was like glass. Hubby convinced me to go a long in the ski boat while he and son-in-law, Todd, skied the ski course. And "oh, by the way, can your bring your camera?" yeah. Oh well, it was a beautiful morning and they got a kick out of the photos.

We moved out to Lakeside in 83. It was because of the skiing mostly. I didn't really care where we lived. But hubby was and is an avid skier. Even to the point that in the 80s he skied in ameteur ski competition.

So long ago.

Me? I'm more of an indoor sportsman. Lately my love for pool as been getting the better of me and I've been hauling Todd to the local pub or kiddie's game area to make a fool out of myself!!

Over the last month I've gotten into pool so much that I've ended up buying my own pool cue. My gosh, have you seen some of them? They need to be hung on the wall as art objects, not used as sticks to knock balls around the table! But no, the one I ordered, while good quality, is not an art object.

Enough of playing! Time to get your orders out! Take care and left me messages!

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