Wednesday, September 3, 2008

After the Holiday

This is the lower part of our property. It borders the channel that is dredged regularly to keep North Lake open to Tenmile Lake. The field is underwater in the winter time. In the summer we keep it mowed. Because it is kept clean in the summer, it is a haven for wildlife in the winter.

A closeup shows the field better. See the campers. They are hanging around the BBQ, where Steve is cooking oysters.

See Ron with his girls (my nieces). The youngest, Aurora, is learning to fish, while Dad chats with the older, Ariel.

There were lots of volley ball games. In the far back of the field is the net. Even the little girls played. Volley ball is the favorite group game this summer. And the rules vary from group to group, as long as there's lots of laughs.

Kicking back Sunday morning.

Sore muscles from playing games and riding in the dunes. Hubby, John, and my daughter in law are in the chairs. Step-son Scott and step-daughter Greta are in the hot tub. Our son Cody is standing in the background.

A view of our house, from the other side of the channel. The store sign is barely visible.

We love to sit on the deck and look over the town and lake.

T-Top #3!!!

This is Lorna's Laces Swirl DK on the LK150 Silver Reed knitting machine.

This yarn usually knits on a 4mm needle, so I set the machine to Tension 4, and match the stitch gauge of 5.5 sts per inch dead on!! I don't know if Silver Reed did this on purpose or not, but on this machine, I can set the tension dial to whatever millimeter knitting needle is called for and get gauge. This color is Berry. Other than gauge, the style is the same as the Island Blue Tab Front T-Top. I should have a completed picture of that tomorrow.

I finished the Island Blue Shepherd Sock Tab Front T-Top this weekend.

5 hanks of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, and barely a few yards were left over. I added these silver buttons my Mom brought back from Germany. Picture tomorrow!!!

My son Cody is passionate about fishing. He has been ever since he knew what a fishing pole was.

I don't often get pictures of him. I took this one from across the channel. He never knew it!!

He's down here for the week. He works at ici, a computer business in Wilsonville.

OK!! See you all tomorrow!

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