Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lazy or Over Worked??

I'm going to sneak a post in with no pictures. It has been a very busy and strange week. I did mange to get the bright pink top complete. Well, almost. A bit of blocking touch up and sew the buttons on. I promise I'll get a new picture posted.

Last week I had 2 newsletters to publish. It is not good when they both hit in the same week. Both are organizations I'm a member of. Association of Knitwear Designers and Heritage Textile Arts Guild. I need to have my head examined to have generously offered to give away so much of my time!! Yikes!!!

Yesterday I had company from someone who is special to me. We took him around the lake and out to lunch, then I beat him at 2 games of pool. I love it! But he did confess it had been 20 years since he played. His visit was way tooooo short!

Do you ever listen to Pandora Radio? It is http://www.pandora.com/ and really cool. My laptop has these amazing speakers and even as I type this blog "Crazy on You" by Heart is blaring out of these amazing speakers!!!

Lorna's Laces is dyeing my new exclusive shades this week. I'm hoping they get dried in time to make my weekly box out. There are 2 colors. Renaissance Romance which is a mix of shades (I lied--here is a picture!) and a nearly solid called Mystic.

I think the Amy's Vintage Office Silk/bamboo blend is due to arrive tomorrow. I need to double check the UPS tracking #. This is going to be stunning!!
Enough of chit chat!! See ya!!

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