Thursday, July 24, 2008

More colors, more calories!!

The BBQ last weekend was great! Lots of good food, good friends and good laughs! The day started out rather windy, but by the time we sat down to eat it had calmed enough to be comfortable! My neices were really hamming it up, and here is Ariel being silly. But a few ice pieces down her back convinced her she had a long way to go to keep up with her Aunts!!

Friday evening my granddaughter from Carlsbad arrives. Every year she comes for a week or so. You may or may not remember that last year she brought a friend and they knitted non-stop!! Refer back to my blog of which include photos of the knitters. I last saw Tyler in May at a family wedding. So I'm excited to see her again.

In the store I've been whittling away at getting Lorna's Laces 4 new colors up. All that is left to post is the Helen's Laces, but all the rest are there. This time I photographed each line individually.

Worsted, Bulky, Sport, Sock, Helen's Lace and Heaven all in stock. These 2 colors are Ashburn and South Shore in Shepherd Bulky. There is also Woodlawn and Maple Grove.

On my needles and ever so close to being completed is my neck down summer cardigan from Knitting Pure and Simple. Almost done with the last sleeve. Then only the front bands remain. I'm knitting it in Lorna's Laces Lion & Lamb.
Tyler loves to knit, so we might be able to really get some good stitch'in time in! Wish me luck finishing it up soon!

Oh one last note, Cascade 220 has TWENTY new colors!!! I just found out. Holy-Moly!! Yes, I will be getting them in! Stay Tuned!

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