Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lorna's Laces New Maple Grove color

A really quick post here, as it is soon closing time and my nieces have been patiently waiting for me. Lorna's Laces June 08 new colors arrived today. This one is called Maple Grove. Chocolate, a very muted harvest tan, and tomatoe red. As the red changes it hints at a corrally pink.

Notice how these colors are vibrant in the smooth yarn, but really different in the Heaven Yarn (mohair). It is really interesting to see how the yarns work up in the different blends.

Click on the picture to get a much larger view.

I'll try to post another tomorrow, but big doin's this weekend at our home. We are having a big BBQ for my nieces and their Dad and many of his friends and co-workers. Guess who is cooking! I said I'd do the cooking if the men would make the guest list and do the inviting. I didn't think they'd really carry it through!!

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