Wednesday, August 1, 2007

family reunion

Things are very active around here. Just returned from 5 days in Sunriver, Oregon, where my husband's family meets every year. After that our 6 children and their families come to Lakeside where they have fun and tease each other. This picture is my granddaughter Tyler (13) and grand son Zane (6). Tyler has been knitting she was 6. Across the table is Tina. Tina also has been knitting since she was 6. Her Mother taught her. I taught Tyler. Zane is just getting into it. I was teaching him a little, and Tyler has taught her too. He's still a little young to get too exited, but he really enjoyed being part of the group. As some of you may know, we live on the 2 floors above the store. Tina and Tyler spent 5 hours brousing the store last time, and beginning their projects. Talk about passionate!!

More later!!

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