Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kid Seta has had a face lift!

KID SETA has had a face lift!! All new colors, same great price, and its' new cousin KID SETA NOIR !

Cascade Kid Seta Fiber: 61% Super Kid Mohair / 35% Silk / 4% Wool. Yardage: 25gr / 300 yds

Cascade Kid Seta Noir Fiber: 60% Super Kid Mohair / 22% Silk / 11% Nylon / 7% Metallic (Lurex). Yardage: 25gr / 232 yds.

The original Kid Seta is on clearance!
Check out prices and availability here!

This super fine lace weight yarn makes me think of feathers floating on a summer breeze. The Noir has an extremely subtle lurex in it that is barely noticeable for a upscale, classically elegant touch.

Super easy to work with on anywhere from US#6, 7, 8 needles.

I've been testing it on my Silver Reed mid-gauge machines ( SK160 & LK150 ) and it is too much fun to even begin to describe here. I've also tested it on the standard gauge (SK280). I prefer to knit it at the higher tension on that machine, because I like the glow of the yarn to work free.

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