Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gadget Sack Plus

Gadget Sack Plus
Just arrived! Exclusive to us, the Gadget Sack Plus. (Style #20)
A 7.5" square vinyl bag. The prototype went immediately into my bag to hold my comb, lip gloss, mirror, all those essentials you know! But originally it was designed to hold a bit more and larger knitting tools than the basic gadget bag.

This is a perfect organizer for purses, travel bags, school bags, knitting bags and more.

Also check out these add'l sizes!

Ashland Sky Project Pouch, Clear front - clear back with aqua zipper (9.5 x 12") (Style #10)
Will hold small projects such as infant, sock and small scarves, as well as most needles and your pattern and magazine!
I also use one to hold my ipod docking station when traveling.
Ashland Sky 6" Gadget Sack. (Style #9)
6" gadget bag, clear front and back, with aqua zipper.
Perfect for corralling those ring markers that like to disappear, as well as measuring tapes, cable needles and lots of other small items.
I use one for my contact solution and supplies when traveling!

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N. Maria said...

Very nice bags! I love your store and you have the best service!
Thank you!