Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fanatic in April !

If you have read my mission statement on the home page of my web site, it says one must enjoy their knitting, even if it means keeping to the simple projects. A simple project me for is one that is mostly stockinet stitch. I don't have to keep track of which row for which stitch manipulations I have to do, counting stitches, counting rows, all the while I'm tired from a long work day. All I have to worry about is shaping, which is simple for me. But I will use an amazing yarn that appeals to me. One that is just my color, or one that makes me feel goooood!

This project is a raglan jacket. It will have long sleeves, a hood and bands up the front. When I get to the bands, I will decide if I will have buttons, a zipper or maybe just a tie closure. I have to wait until the garment is closer to being done, then it will tell me what it needs.

I wear a lot of black. Seems like everyone in Portland wears black. But I like to throw in a dash of red. This is colorway is a bit livelier than normal for me, but when the weather turns, and I can stop with all the layers, this fun blend will be perfect.

The yarn is FEZA FANATIC and comes in a handful of these long blended shades. It is a bulky yarn, that gets 3.5sts per inch. I barely managed to make it work on the Silver Reed LK150 at tension 9. Perhaps a bit tighter than I would have hand knit it, but it has a nice firm body perfect for this jacket, yet the hand is soft and drapey. Otherwise, this would knit up wonderfully on the Silver Reed SK155 Bulky machine.

One thing about April acting like February around here, is that I can continue to knit like it is February!!

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