Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Uh oh, caught!! It was one of those days where I kept drifting off. Here I am standing at the shipping counter. Time to make up more Lorna's Laces Sample packets. Was I problem solving or just zoning out??

It's been busy here. The most popular items are needles this week. Lots of orders for needles. Big needles, like the addi US#15 and US#17. When I get a sudden surge of orders for a needle size, not commonly ordered, it makes me wonder what big project everyone is working on. If you know, tell me!!

The week's just started. In a day or two the weekly Lorna's Laces shipment will arrive, and I have a sneaking hunch that my Cascade order will be here too. What's that? only about 80-100 pounds of yarn to check in and put away.

Here are 3 new Lorna's Laces patterns I am uploading to the web site tonight. The Lyerka Scarf and the Gabriella Tank are both out of the new Pearl yarn.

I don't know about you, but these headless models are just weird to me. Lay the garment out flat, or leave the model inside, but this is just discomforting. Rather like the Headless Horseman in that Halloween tale. And if you don't have absolutely the most perfect figure, it detracts from the garment. What do you think?

This last picture is the Tallin Sunset Stole out of Helen's Lace. Helen's Lace is a laceweight yarn that sells very steadily and very well.

You will find the pattern on my Lorna's Laces Knitting Patterns - Shawls & Scarves page.

Post blog, post 3 patterns, close programs, shut off the lights and closed for the day. Another long day, but a good one.

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