Thursday, March 19, 2009

New pattern, new projects, new contest!!

New issue of Knitty is out. I love browsing thru the patterns and printing out the ones to add to my personal note book. This issue includes a cute summer top called Pioneer, very simple, out of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport. Shepherd Sport is a nice weight yarn that lends itself perfect for any baby, child or woman's garment. Not too thin, not too bulky for the human form.
Juuust riiight!

As promised, photos of my swatches on the Lorna's Laces Pearl.

The color is Mystic, one of my 7 exclusive shades. Mystic is usually a very dark forest green, but in the bamboo silk blend, it shot off at a slightly greyed green. A very unusual shade, but one that caused quite a bit of excitement at Lorna's Laces. I think they were hoping I'd turn it down so they could keep it.

Not!!! (eh eh)

Ideas are swirling in my head, but have not yet been translated to paper. Something to the effect of lace, as you can see. Lace short sleeves, lace across upper and and front yoke area. Shape would be simple T-Shirt style with waist shaping.

I'm all set for the trade show in June. TNNA - Columbus. I'm hoping that I will have this completed by then. One has to "be" in the mood to machine knit, so I'm hoping the mood is there!

Stay tuned. The new give-away is beginning to gel in my mind. The give-away will be a hank of Pearl, your choice of color limited to what I have in stock, and the pattern Lyerka Scarf.

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