Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Progress . . .

Here are a couple of projects in process. Still plugging away on Knitting Pure and Simple #293 pattern, neckdown pullover. It ended up being the project I used for waiting for doc apts, etc, so that really slowed things down. The other night I decided to knit on it while watching a bit of TV. Therefore I managed to finish the body. Soon, the sleeves, but no rush. This yarn is Shepherd Worsted in Renaissance Romance (multi) and Mystic (the dark green at the neck). Both of these shades are exclusive to the Yarn Store.

Lorna's Laces is releasing the newest color commentary shade this week, with Clara Parkes of Knitter's Review.

Read all about it on the Lorna's Laces Blog, and if you are wondering, yes, my order has already been placed!

This cute little thing is the Lorna's Laces Wavy Baby pattern. This is my Mom's project. A gift for someone special. The pattern calls for a multicolor and a solid. Mom did it in pale pink and whisper. Much, much cuter. Such a fun pattern to knit. Very easy. It uses Lorna's Laces Shepherd Bulky.

Been swatching Pearl on my Silver Reed LK150. I have to admit that I can accomplish many more projects using that machine. Works best at Tension 4, although I started at Tension 5. Tension 5 was just too too loose. I'll save photos of that for another day. Hey, did you see the Leslie Solomon feature in Knit 'n Style. She talks about the LK150.

Finally! New patterns for Oat Couture.

Comfortable tops or use as summer jackets from Oat Courture.
EK710 Capri Sweater (knit) GU431 Sante Fee Shirt (knit) PH617 Sedona Shirt (crochet).

More soon!

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baby face said...

Your knitting pure & simple looks
very good so far and I love the
wavy baby sweater. I hope to see
them when it's finished.