Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On My Way!!

Took quite a few days to recover, particular when you combine catching a cold to a busy week. Cascade, Lorna's Laces, Needles and patterns--all arrived this day last week. Finally got the last of it put away Sunday.

Lorna's Laces had 3 new patterns in their box. Gabriella and the Lyerka scarf done in Pearl. And the Tallin Sunset Stole in Helen's Lace. Also the Charcoal color in Pearl. Might be a few days before that gets photographed.

The 3 new Oat Couture patterns are still waiting to be uploaded, too. Sometimes I wonder why I bother to write out a list each morning. There are days not a thing gets checked off!

Stole a bit of precious time and finally finished the yoke top. Turned out the way I wanted it to. Doesn't help that I lost 6-8 pounds since I started it. That's always a good feeling.

The yarn is Cascade's Heritage Sock, which is perfect for the standard gauge knitting machine and creates an incredibly beautiful and expensive looking fabric. I will never go back to the acrylics I spent years machine knitting with. I'm into the good stuff now!!

This top took 3 hanks of Jade and 1 of Chocolate.

Well its late already this Tuesday night and I hope to check off at least 1 or 2 small items on my "to do" list. It's time for all this lounging around to stop and get back to work!! Till next time!


Petra said...

Wow! That top looks great! Love the detailed fit. Very flattering.

SJ said...

I love that top! It looks fantastic on you. Well done. :)

neuwife said...

That top is... tops!