Friday, February 27, 2009

Just Around the Corner

Just Around the Corner was the name of a book I had as a small child. Each page went "Just around the corner, you might see . . . . " Around here, just around the corner you might see more freight!! The weekly Lorna's Laces shipment contained three more colors of Pearl. My mystic is here and I need to start thinking seriously what I want made out of this yarn. Something slinky?

The colors shown above are blackberry, mystic, navy and cranberry. The only other color I'm waiting for now is charcoal. All other colors will be up to you!

Another large box from Cascade Yarns arrived this week too. Top 2 best sellers is the Heritage Sock Yarn and Cascade 220. So I'd say sock knitting and felting is still incredibly popular. 3rd most popular is the Cascade 220 Superwash. I was unsure about this yarn because I didn't think it would be all that popular. You've convinced me otherwise! It's very popular. All wool, and all washable! It knits best at 5 and 5.5 sts per inch. It looks like a 4.5 sts per inch yarn, but it is soft and needs to be knit a bit tighter to retain garment shape.

Took a big step last night and moved my web site. Been thinking about it for 6 months. Been going over and over and over the steps involved, and 7pm was the designed switch time. They say it takes 24hrs to redelegate all the dns servers, but in 2 hours I was able to upload the site to its new home. But it took me another 24hrs for my knees to quit shaking. If someone told me when I was 20 I'd be doing this business, I'd think they'd been smoking something funny! But all is well. Orders stopped for a few hours, but picked up again late last night. Wheeewww!! Boy was that scary.

New patterns from Lorna's Laces and Oat Couture. Will be posting them soon!

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