Monday, February 16, 2009

A Navy Pearl

Just a real fast post and uploading of this photo. This is Lorna's Laces Pearl in the color Navy. The saturation isn't as dark as I expected, but the variations in Navy are very elegant.
Really, really nice!! Click on the photo to get a large picture.

Been busy doing a lot of administrative work over the last 4 days. I updated my Cascade 220 yarn sheets and created a pdf out of the solids, heathers, quatros and hand dyed. I'm missing the tweeds, but we are working on that! The pdf color card is 17 pages long!! Did you know that there are like 365 colors in Cascade 220!

So what do you all want for the next give-away??


baby face said...

I think a skein of Lorna

Lace's sock yarn would be
nice. I like the new
Navy Pearl, but can't make a big

susanna said...

I would like a skein of a new color of cascade 220