Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday Morning Knitting

Sunday morning was a very productive morning on my knitting machine.

Both front and back panels of the Yoke-Skirted top were completed. By Sunday night all was seamed into place. I thought in my wisdom that I needed to reduce the ease. While the top yoke fits me just stunningly, the bottom was too fitted and I looked like a stuffed sausage.

Next step, remove skirt, wind up the yarn and hope that in a few days I can rechart and reknit. Actually it goes quite fast once you dedicate a few hours.

This was machine knit on my Silver Reed SK280 with Cascade's Heritage Sock yarn.

Nice stuff!

Already in mind mind I'm designing another. But I want something for evening wear. Something with some lace. What color? I was once told to knit something in Burgundy. If my memory serves me right, that was late last summer.

Burgundy is a color that is not popular right now, but it is way past due for a major resurgence. Burgundy is a color that most people can wear, and wear well, and I'm no exception.

I was trying to image Burgundy with white bands, and how to work the lace in. But now I'm thinking that the white bands would take away from the lace, so how about all burgundy with lace. And lace were? What part of me is supposed to be peeping out? I thought a lace panel that parallels the band would be nice, but the neck is shaped. So maybe pivot the whole yoke so no shaping is done on the v-neck. It's possible, but I will need to cut some pattern paper and pivot it on the chart.

Well first things first. Let's finish the Jade and Chocolate.

I selected another job from my long "to-do" list. My Figheadh Patternworks page for adult sweaters is now complete with pictures and pattern details. I just love to cross things off my list!

This week I'm expecting more Addi Needles and my weekly Lorna's Laces shipment. Addi needles and single patterns are the #1 item I've been shipping over the past 5 days. In the Lorna's Laces shipment I can see that Pearl in Navy is due to arrive. I'm thinking this will be super rich, super saturated and super shiny. That'll be the first bag of yarn I'll be digging out.

Time to think about another give-away. I've done yarn and I've done needles. Any suggestions??

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