Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!

I had hoped to post yesterday, but got started on revamping my Lorna's Laces Catalog. When the juices say go, you go! Working with the software InDesign is great, but trying to work in good graphics and professional sounding text is a challenge for this high school graduate. After alternating between paper work and putting my feet up, at about 4 o'clock I got wrapped up in that job. By 7 it was done. But the blog posting gets delayed another day.

I'm working away at that boy's sweater. It is slow going as my normal knitting time, in the evenings, no longer exists. My part-time help is out sick, and may possibly not return. So I'm working 2-4 hours each evening to keep up. Janene would keep the yarn sample sheets printed, sampled and fully stocked, pull and box orders, check in and put away freight and keep the store shelves stocked, as well as keeping things neat, dusted and vacummed. She did a lot of work that was really important to me. Besides having a sunny attitude she is easy to work with. I do hope she will be able to return.

I'm kept busy with administrative chores, phone and email. Cascade keeps me hopping too. They've got new colors in Cash Vero, Kid Seta, Pima Tencel, Sierra and Fixation. That means adding items to inventory . . . 1 for each color. Adding each color and its script to the web site, along with the color card from Cascade. Web work takes much more time than you'd think!

Do you get the KnitSimple magazine? In the Winter 08/09 issue, which I just received, on page 41 is the perfect vest. Why? It is simple. Has shaping that is easy to adjust to where my waist is. It uses Shepherd Bulky which is not only in my stock, but will knit up fast. I like the shoulders. The armholes are increased so the shoulder seam drops off the edge of the shoulder, but the added band keeps it from flaring. The garter ridges adds shoulder width, which will make waists and hips look smaller. I'm thinking of doing mine in my exclusive color Mystic.

I did take some time for brainless creative instant satisfaction and make some soap. It is the simple melt, frangrance and color soap. But it is fun and the house smells good for hours.


purl said...

Hi Angelika, it's me greta. I really like your Blog. You inspired me to get a blog account so I can follow your blog. (just so you know this is my first blog experience.) I have said "blog" alot in this comment. Anyway - I'll be checking in later and I really really like the new green yarn and the sweater vest. You should knit it up first so I can try it on :)

Laura said...

Maybe you should consider getting a freelance computer person part-time also. Sure helps cut down on some of the stress and frees up some additional knitting time!

Angelika said...

Hey Greta!

Hi Laura! Good idea, but I think I'll be better off finding someone to help with freight and catalogs, before I look for someone to do computer and web work. But I do enjoy working with Janene, so I'm going to wait a bit longer before I start seriously looking for a replacement.