Thursday, January 22, 2009

Free Needles & New Sock Colors

I'm giving away your choice of knitting needles up to a $30 maximum value. I'll pull a name the last weekend of this month. Comment on the blog your experiences of US and MM sizing and how you store your needles, and I'll put your name into the hat!

#9882 Rainforest #9881 Campfire #9883 Wild Roses #9884 Green Opal

Cascade's Heritage Sock Yarn has 4 new hand-dyed colors!! This is a really nice sock yarn. So nice infact, I've a T-Top knit out of it.
1 hank makes a pair of socks.

Cascade has many new colors in the lines I carry. Not only does Heritage sock have 4 new colors but also Fixation, Cash Vero, Sierra, Kid Seta and Pima Tencel. There's much work in store for this yarn store owner!! Not only making room on the shelves but also to add to my shipment flyers and the web site!!

Still working on my boy's neck down pullover. Neckband is done and I'm working my way down the chest. Instead of knitting last night, I got hung up on Amazon looking up and listening to music of the 70s. There aren't too many really good rock bands today. David Cook is pretty good, but I keep going back to the 70s and 80s. Have about $100 in that shopping cart!! I will have to transfer much of that to the "wish list" for later purchases.

Until next time!!


Jenifer said...

I use Us sizing for my needles, but have run across patterns that ask for metric. I store my needles in a Ziplock bag, more money for yarn. LOL.

Sandy said...

I also use US sizing for all my needles and convert the pattern right from the beginning IF it uses the metric sizes. All my circulars are stored on a wonderful sewn strip that a dear friend made me and hangs on my craft wall..with open end strips so that each pair can "dangle" over the edges. Once you get the cords straightened out, it's hard to want to store them all coiled up again.

Nana Andie said...

Still kind of a newbie to knitting....I found your store site tonite for the 1st time.....I'm going to place an order soon! I refer tp US sizing with my needles. I have a set of Denise that a very nice friend passed down to me.She taught me to knit in July....

Anonymous said...

Those new sock colors are great. Makes it hard to keep my goal of just knitting from stash this year. :)