Friday, June 13, 2008

Me again!!

Surprise!! Don't fall over! a post 2 days in a row!

But, I had to share this with you. Yesterday I received a large shipment from Cascade. I love this color. I kept the bag sitting on my desk all day, like a vase of beautiful flowers. I kept admiring the color and sheen.

This is Cascade's Baby Alpaca Chunky. It is a new hand dyed color called Mountain Lake. Find it on the bottom of this long page.

Cascade 220 Superwash sure has a lot of colors, and now they also have some handdyed shades. I'm working on bringing all of them in. Cascade is a "never dull" company. If a store has a method such as I, which is to stock all colors of a line I decide to carry, it sure strains the budget and the shelves. Cascade is always bringing us new and exciting colors. You can never be bored of the colors. So, if there is a color I don't have in stock, email me!! I am selecting colors at random to bring in, and if you have one you'd like me to bring in for a future project, I'll select that color next!

Tomorrow is my monthly meeting of our local fiber arts guild Heritage Fiber Arts Guild. I have a craving to set up my knitting machine, but cannot because I'll be busy tonight keeping up with orders, and packing for the morning meeting. For this meeting I'll be on the road before 8am. So, maybe tomorrow after I'll be setting it up. Looking forward to it!!

I'll be back soon, I promise!

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