Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Long Week

New products for the website, inserts out of date, projects stacking up and the brain is just refusing to fire up. What's a yarn store owner to do???
The last few weeks have been dog busy! I cannot seem to decide what has more importance. My list of chores is prioritized. Yes. They are all marked with a #1, the most important level!

I was able to mark a few off my list this Saturday morning. With so many yarn pages on my website, I am never, ever caught up. Still on my list is the Lorna's Laces Green Lines Worsted and DK, and the Cascade Heritage sock yarn. But since both are so new that they are not even available to ship yet, those web pages are not as urgent.

But I have stocked Carol Bristol's patterns. ALL of them. So here they sit. This job of posting a page with her patterns will be ginormous!

The shipping inserts also get out of date. I finally got the new colors onto the Lorna's Laces catalog. But soon that will also be out of date again, as there are about 10 new patterns due to arrive next week, and soon (I hope) the Green Lines Worsted & DK.

The Ashland Sky brochure is missing its most recent addition, and the Noni Bag brochure is missing last year's new patterns (and we won't talk about the new patterns due out next month.) The problem with the Noni line is that I don't have the graphics.

My helper Sara, who works 20hours a week, has cut back to not much more than 10hours a week. That additional work load on me, I swear, feels more like 4 hours a day. At a certain point the mind just stops, and all I'm capable of is staring out the window by my desk. Might as well shut things down and take a break.

AKD Inc officers are also quite busy. Because Sarah was not available the day of our conference call monthly board meeting, I was unable to attend and the president cancelled the meeting. Now the board is frantically trying to find a new time next week when we are all free. I feel really bad about that, but sometimes things are just not controllable.

Am so looking forward to summer. The sun has been in and out this week, and February, I swear, really must be the longest month of the year!

Oh, the photo above is a few of my projects still undone. The toddler's vest, my Avalon Twiner sock, a crocheted test piece, and a new yarn sent to me by Cascade to sample up.
In family life, my first born has purchased his first home. A male at 23 yrs old doesn't usually think about buying a home. So we are quite proud. Cody is my husband's 5th child. We have a large family of 6 children (4 his, 2 ours, but I love them all like they were my own--I mean I've been around for 24 years now!!) We are all very close. In the summer, here at our home on the lake and only minutes from the sand dune, it is just one big party.
I'm off to put my feet up or wander around the property, maybe go down the driveway and see my other family who live on the property. Ta-ta!

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