Saturday, February 2, 2008

Pastel Paints in Cascade 220 & Pastaza

This is a pretty cool picture. You need to click on the picture so you get the larger version. On the left side is Cascade Pastaza. On the right is the same color in Cascade 220. I don't know why, but I really like Pastaza. I love the sheen it has, and I enjoy working with the yarn. It does itch if you wear it next to your skin, and you get a little warm, but you cannot beat it for cardigans, hats, vests and so on.

and the way it takes the dye colors is just mouth watering.

Top row is #9842 Coral Beach.
2nd row is 9848 Aqua Sol.
3rd row is 9846 Flower Forest.
4th row is 9843 Paradise.

More colors are coming!

More colors, but I didn't have colors in both lines.

The first bag on the left is Pastaza #9921 Caribbean Sea. Don't you just love the colors!
Followed by 4 bags of Cascade 220.
#9847 Montego Bay,
#9833 Captain's Bay,
#9850 Spring Bay, and
#9849 Harbour Beach.

Soon I'll have the missing colors in both lines. I do stock all the colors in Pastaza and Cascade 220 whether they are good sellers or not.

Up in the upper right had corner you see the backs to 2 of the baby vests I'm working on. Yes, my patterns take eons to complete. This cold really set me back. Yesterday afternoon while my Friday group was here, I was able to wire the backs. After everyone left, I blocked them. That's my blocking board you see under the bags of yarn. This morning, I removed the wires and set them aside so I could take the pictures I promised you this morning.

These colors are not quite up on the Pastaza and Cascade 220 yarn pages. But they will be by Sunday evening.

Now I must skedaddle because I have a lot of orders to ship out for a Saturday morning!
tata for now!

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Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

My goodness, just looking at the photos in your blog makes me wish I could visit your shop! And then there's the added pleasure of meeting you!
I wanted to let you know that your shop was (and usually is for most things) the 1st place that I looked for sock blockers. I thought for sure that you would have them! Well, I looked under "blocking tools" and I did a search, then I just looked randomly, but I couldn't find them. I may have overlooked something obvious, but I did everything that I could think of and couldn't find them! I thought that they would certainly be found with all of the other blocking supplies, but no luck.
I did want to let you know that I gave it the Knitter's Try because I always want to deal with friends when possible.