Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Sock Yarn and New Patterns

I've really buckled down and am forcing myself to get my work caught up. I got all the Carol Bristol felting designs up on the web.
As well as the new Avalon Fiber Arts sock designs and was feeling like I was making a dent in the pile, when. . .
UPS delivers the new Cascade Heritage Sock and the new Noni Spring 2008 patterns. Because the Heritage Sock page was partially done, I was able to work on the website from the comfort of the couch last night and all the shopping scripts are current now. I'm still waiting on the hand-dyed shades, but it will automatically update once the shipment comes in.

Putting the Noni patterns on line is 3x the work. I stock and sell almost all the hardware and handles used in the purses and bags. Before I can post the pattern & parts page, I have to create a list of all the parts used, check on any unclearness with the designer, check to see if those parts are available through the 3 vendors I use for parts, and finally list the part #s and the web item#. Once this is all detailed out on my Excel spread sheet, I need to edit the graphics for a web version and a print version, which is used in the Noni catalog. Then, I am ready to go to the web and create a new page for each pattern. Then go to the Noni page, post a small picture and link to the pattern page.

I'm glad to say that the Noni patterns are in stock, and you can email me at if you want to order them before I get the new web pages up.

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