Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tom's Knitting Prank

Access Hollywood had a piece on the trick that Tom Hank's knitting prank on Julia Roberts. Did you see it?? As many of us already know, Julia is a devoted knitter. Knitting between scenes is something I've been away of for, gosh, 10 years now?

Charmie of Elegant Heirlooms has two new Christmas Stocking Designs in her line of Googleheim Christmas Stockings. It always amazes me that her stockings sell consistantly all year round. I always get a surge in November, but it continues to surge through January. And all year round. This June, another big surge of kits being shipped occurred. And that was even before I was able to get her newest kits up!

This one above is called Through the Woods. Santa with his bag of gifts on his back, a reindeer and a sheepie, fluffy lamb.

Noah's Ark is the name of her 2nd design. What a cutie! Note the cute fluffly sheep, and wait, is that a pink flamingo? OMG! How much fun is that!

Look at all the Googleheim Christmas Stocking designs at

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