Tuesday, June 22, 2010

There's Overload, and then there's Robot Overload!

I've caught up with most of the chores that were put on hold while I was away at TNNA (a trade show for yarn store and needlework stores). And mother nature of the PNW has decided to bless us with a non-winter day. It has gotten hazy this afternoon, but the temperature has finally slipped out of the 60s and is in the low 70s here in downtown Portland. Lovejoy Fountain, located outside the back door of my store has seen many happy sun lovers today. While the haze has drifted in, there is still hope that the temperatures stay warm, and that the haze might slip back out soon.

Visitors in the store remain at a steady relaxed pace as Portlanders stop in to meet me and check out my stock. Most ask about classes. I've decided against group classes, but I am doing private one-on-one lessons. Students learn at their own pace, on a project that they will wear and at a level their knitting (or non-knitting) experience is at. Tomorrow afternoon a knitter is coming in to learn how to knit 2 socks on one circular needle. Sure, I said, why not. (Let me explain that I rarely have time to knit socks. Love wearing them, but seems admin work screams louder than my knitting!) When I do knit socks, I use the 2 circular needles for one sock method. Fast forward to today. Time to get crackin' and practice up this technique. Long story short, I thought my eyes were going to cross and my head would drop to the keyboard in a "thunk!" but I did it. The hardest part was understanding the cast on. After realizing I had no books on hand to explain this particular process, I headed to the internet. 12 websites later, 2 of which were very helpful, I got it done.

Tostetoes.com has a pattern which was pretty helpful on the cast on, but I just could not visualize how to cast on that last 1/2 of a sock. The Boy Who Knits blog (look at his "previous" column. He wrote this tutorial in 2006.) helped to piece together that missing link, and I was able to progress forward with the cast on and a few rows.

Over the next few months I'll be announcing new product that I ordered at the show, as they arrive in the store. I have the graphics for 3 new colors of Poem Sock, so I'm going to show you that now, even tho I don't have them in stock yet.

In a few days, UPS will be delivering the 5 new colors in Lorna's Laces line. I will get pics up as soon as I can. If Lorna's Laces has some before I do, I'll borrow those pics just so you can see the color. Lorna's Laces also has a new yarn "Honor". (Shown above in new colorway called Robot Overload.) It's a 70% baby alpaca/30% silk blend DK weight yarn. I'll be bringing in that yarn in a few popular shades. It is put up in large 100 gram, 275 yard hanks. Shepherd Sock will change from 50gram hanks to 100 gram hanks. These means that one hank = 1 pair of socks!

There's more to say, but I'll save it for another day! Keep on Knitting!!
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