Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cleaning House Treasures

Silver Reed KR11 Knit Radar
Cleaning house can be fun when you find treasures!!

3 KR11 Knit Radars were recently found when spring cleaning the warehouse. Brand new, still in original packaging. SUPPLY LIMITED, so order immediately!! Normally $290 + $15,
now only $245 with free shipping.
The KR11 has been replaced with the new KR21, an electronic knit radar which sells for $390 + shipping, so this is a great deal!!

Order immediately as supply will not last!

An accessory for knitting machines so you no longer need to match the gauge of a pattern. With the Knit Radar, you tell the device what YOUR guage is.

This charting device allows you to draw your garment shape. Select the ruler gauged to your stitches per inch, set the row setting to your rows per inch, and let the Knit Radar guide you through the complex curves of your garment piece. No more math!

By simply changing the gauge settings, you can knit this same garment over and over with a variety of yarns and stitch styles.

Order Here

PS: Just returned from the Trade Show....stay tuned for announcements of new products soon to arrive!

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