Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Spring Shades in Lorna's Laces

The new colors of Lorna's Laces arrived this week at Angelika's Yarn Store. I'm still working on getting them all into the database, and then onto the web site. If you are an existing customer, I can take email orders for them. Otherwise email me at with your order and shipping information, and I'll call you back for a credit card number.

I have ordered the new colors in Shepherd Sock, Shepherd Sport, Shepherd Worsted, Shepherd Bulky and Helen's Lace. 90% of them are sitting here, waiting to be processed into the data base, photographed and put away.

By the way, the Shepherd Sock in these new colors arrived in their new put-up. Instead of 50 gram hanks, all new Shepherd Sock hanks received are being put-up in 100 gram hanks. That means only 1 hank is needed for a pair of socks.

Fjord is a light blue, slightly toward grey. Looks really beautiful paired with the color commentary Deep Dark Secret. Fjoyd is a nearly solid, which means you will see some color variation that occurs with hand dyed solids from Lorna's Laces.
Unicorn Parade is an updated version of Child's Play. Very brightly colored, a perfect name for this youthful and playful color combination.
Patina is a nearly solid color. A beautiful bronzy gold.
Robot Overlord is sure to be the best seller. Rich shades of browns and teasing inserts of poppy. My favorite for sure!!
Turtle Rodeo is bright and flirty. The graphic doesn't show the colors quite as well as they are. There is dark teal, medium teal, terracotta and dusty green. This will eventually be rephotographed. But I love the teals in this color!! I would call it a fall collection of colors.

On the home front . . . . looking out the windows behind the Yarn Store you see Lovejoy Fountain.

The other day they installed these signs. It may not be readable, but it is a warning not to drink the water, but you can wade and play in the water. And they do! The other day when I left, it looked like the beach! Kids were romping on the steps that were cascading with water. And young people were sunbathing in swim suits on beach towels. Oh my gosh! So cool!! I can work on my tan after work!!

Keep knitting through the summer! Small projects such as socks and scarves are perfect summer projects. I love to knit in the early hours, outside on the deck with coffee. Unfortunately that is also the time I'm shipping, so weather permitting, that might happen only once a week....But that's my favorite time.....when is yours?

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