Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sun is shining, breeze is cold!

Time has just flown by. Been doing a lot of administrative work. Web work is like house work, it is never, ever, done! And just yesterday I finally went back to my enewsletter account and had to ask everyone to reconfirm their email addresses. A friend asked today "what is the average # of times a person changes their email address in a year?" Interesting question. But it makes it doubly important for a business to keep their newsletter contacts up to date. So I'm going to make an extra effort to post a newsletter once every 4 months, even if it is small. If you are interested in receiving it, go to my newsletter page to sign up.
I expect to put one out in about 5 days.

On the stock front, I am now fully stocked in the Cascade 220 Superwash colors. This is a washable, 100% wool, that knits to about a DK or heavy DK weight. Tons of colors! I still have not gotten them all on the shelves (of which I do not have enough available). Just when I think I'm 100% on top of that, an eagle-eyed customer spotted that I had left off one very important color. But that's all fixed now.

On my designer front, not much progress on anything. My combo crochet/machine knit top out of Pearl has hit a snag. The large lace front and back yoke is so drapey that it falls way lower than I planned. So now I'm trying to stablize it without it looking obvious. Worst case scenerio, I will have to redo the yoke smaller. But it has been laying on the blocking board since Sunday, when I attempted 3 times to stablize it, without luck. It had so much potential! I'm bummed, but will get back to it.

Sun is shining, but breeze is cold here! Talk to you soon!

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