Friday, April 10, 2009

Pearl Yarn Winner

My 15 yr old granddaughter, laughs a lot. And when she laughs it is heart felt. I saw this sight a lot over the last 6 days while she was with me. Here we were are down at the Lakeside County Dock. It was a very rare hot day and we were loving life. I was trying to take pictures of her jumping in the air. Never got the timing right, but got a lot of fun pictures. This one stole my heart.

As promised, Tyler chose her funniest story. Kids will be kids, and the Seagull story was her favorite, although she also loved the Punk Rock Bouncer story. I loved them all, but the sight of a knitter waving knitting needles while chasing a seagull had me busting up too. Ana, I will be contacting you, or contact me first! Got some new colors in this week, so the Pearl selection has grown!

The last few weeks have been chaotic. Not a single day was like the day before. Just before picking up Tyler at the Portland Airport, I spent the day with my youngest, Whitney. We bought clothes, coffee, fabric, coffee, did make-overs and walked and walked and walked over downtown Portland. Living in a town of only about 1200, Portland is like shopping nervana! Don't EVER go into a Guess store and say "I wonder what a pair of $100 jeans feel like on." You WILL leave $100 poorer! But WOW, they look good!!

Today I finally got the Clara's Garden colors photoshopped. Those pics I took weeks ago. This photo is the worsted weight.

I now have 4 colors of Pearl to photograph. I'm still working on my crochet lace yoke shell. Pieces are all done. Just need to assemble. It's been done on the "fly", so to speak. Should be really cute. I will be taking that one to the trade show in June. It shows off the Pearl yarn, and it also shows off combining crochet with machine knitting (LK150). Its sleeveless, so I hope I don't freeze to death on the trade floor.


Nettie said...

Do we get to read the funniest story?

Angelika said...

I'm sorry . . . all the stories were posted as comments. But here it is again.

Ana said...
My mother liked to knit at the beach when we were kids - she got a tan, and got Xmas knitting out of the way, while we got to have fun in the sand. One day, she brought a full-sized afghan she was working on. As my brothers and I were splashing around, we noticed mom was throwing down her knitting and chasing angrily after some seagulls with a stick. Curious, we came out of the water and asked what was up. Well, she was too angry to speak, so she showed us - one of the seagulls itself all over her nearly-finished blanket. :O