Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spring in Lakeside, Or

Last week I did manage to get my Avalon slipper socks completed, and finished my KPS boot socks too. I will get a photo done of both soon! I promise!! In the meantime, we enjoyed a bit of a very warm summer. I felt like moving my desk out onto the lawn. Today greeted me with rain and thick dark clouds. But, I have hopes they will move on, and move on quickly!

I think I live in heaven. This was taken last week when we hit 93 degrees in Lakeside. I don't care what the news and the weather reports say. I saw what my car temperature was and my thermometer, which in a breezy-shady spot.

I really enjoyed the heat. I like to say I am solar powered. The dark wet winters really get to me.

Couldn't help myself. Photographing the flowers and their bright colors is just really enjoyable.
I love yellow! I have lots of favorite colors, but when it comes to flowers, my favorite colors are yellow and orange.

My nieces live here with their Dad. They have water front property, and across the water you see a sandy beach. See how the sunrise streams across their place? Because they are down low, it gets nice and warm down there. But not too warm, I mean it is the Oregon Coast, right?

I'm standing at the end of my yard. We get a bit more of a breeze up here, but the sunrises and sunsets are amazing!

More Soon!

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Anne-Marie said...

Those flowers are gorgeous; our rhodies are blooming at home and they are a bright, neon pink. They are so pretty and cheerful.

I just wish they would stick around for a little longer than they do. =)