Friday, January 25, 2008

Vest, the new Green Line and Lots of freight!

I've been sooo sick!! A week ago today my throat started burning and its been downhill ever since. It's been decades since I've come down with a fulll blown cold! By the time the store closed I was down on the couch, trying to rest between the coughing and tissues.

The Vest project came to a complete halt. I was able to get the 2 fronts for the large size done. This is Camouflage in the Swirls Chunky. The back is partway done. But it sure is fun having something that knits up so fast. Each of the 3 sizes uses only 2 hanks. This pattern will be in my next Enewsletter, which is already late (again!).

I'm not real big on crochet. But it has been growing on me. Some of the things I've seen over the last year or 2 are just beautiful!!! I must tell you about this blog I've been following. This is some fun and classy stuff!

Also, I sell all of Knitting Pure & Simples patterns. I'm on standard shipment, site unseen as soon as new patterns are out. I was looking at their site and found she put a tutorial up for neckdown knitting. She did an excellent job. Absolutely perfection, I thought. Check it out at

This is what faces Sarah and I this morning. Yesterday UPS took many trips to bring all this into the store. What you see is 4 boxes of yarn from Lorna's Laces. NEW COLORS!!!

And a big box from Cascade Yarns. Gotta keep our 220 in full supply!!!

Stay tuned for more on the Lorna's Laces new colors. Or drop me an email if you just cannot wait.

Announcing a new line from Lorna's Laces. Lorna's Laces is calling it the Green Line. This yarn comes from organically raised sheep in Argentina, the dyes are natural. Clara Parkes wrote a really good article in Knitters Review. She always does!! You can read it at the Knitter's Review.

That's it for now. Have lots of work to do! Til next time! Angelika

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