Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Colors in Lorna's Laces!

Here are two pictures I took this snowy Sunday morning. This is Shepherd Bulky.

Starting from top left: Huron, moving across is Winona.

2nd row is Butterscotch, then Edgewater.

Bottom row is Apple Hill, then Pilsen.

Some names make sense, some I'm not sure of.

Heaven Yarn in exactly the same arrangement. I wanted to show you how the colors can look so totally different in the different Lorna's Laces Yarns.

Starting from top left: Huron, moving across is Winona.
2nd row is Butterscotch, then Edgewater.
Bottom row is Apple Hill, then Pilsen.

Sometimes colors that do not appeal to me in the smooth yarns are stunning in the Heaven, and visa versa.

Here are some verbal descriptions of the shades:

Huron, maybe named so after the Lake Huron? Soft dusty blue, sagey-cedar green and all the shades you can imagine as they blend from one to another. OK, this is the color I've been told I should wear. Brings the undecided blue-green out in my eyes.

Winona ! Bright sunshine yellow and cotton candy pink. I see shades of sherbet orange as it changes between the yellow and pink. Very bright and outgoing colors. But in Heaven, because of the mohair, it comes across slightly gentler. Perfect for children. If I had a good tan, this would really look good, as I can see this color on olive and dark complexions. Yup!!

Butterscotch! What can I say? Looks like butterscotch candy, without the calories!

Edgewater, yea I can see that. Dark blue of the depths of the lake. Sky blue of the sky. Chocolate brown being the trees and ground and cedar green of the evergreens and moss. You can see the sky blue in the Heaven photo, but I see that the way the hanks are stacked up in the Shepherd Bulky it isn't visible except for one tiny spot. Sorry about that! Looks great with blue jeans, but also is a good color for the man who likes a touch of color in his sweaters without drawing too much attention.

Apple Hill. Not sure how that name came about. Talk about bright! Almost neon strawberry red, cotton candy pink, medium blue and strong lavender. You can see a plummy pink where the lavender changes to bright pink. Perfect for young girls and the extremely extrovert female!

And finally, Pilsen. Well, no such word in, so I typed it into google. Pilsen is a neighborhood in an area of Chicago. That makes sense as Lorna's Laces is in Chicago. So maybe all of these colors are named after areas of Chicago. Pilsen is dark plum, chocolate and dark cranberry red. Where the dark plum changes to chocolate it does through a very dusty mauvey shade. I dare say this might for the more adventurous man.

I have all of these colors in stock in Shepherd Sock, Shepherd Sport, Shepherd Worsted, Shepherd Bulky, Helen's Laces, Heaven and Lion & Lamb. But they aren't on the web yet. I'm working hard on that. Feel free email me at if you just can't wait.

I've got new shades in Cascade 220 Pastel Paints and Cascade Pastaza Pastel Paints, but I'll leave that for later in the week. Enjoy!


Anne-Marie said...

I love these bright vibrant colors! I've managed to give myself a little case of carpal tunnel syndrome so am off knitting for a bit but these yarns make me really want to get back into some fun projects!

La Cabeza Grande said...

Many of the names of Lorna's Laces are streets or neighborhoods in Chicago. That's why some make sense and some don't - at least for someone unfamiliar with the city.