Wednesday, July 11, 2007

CSS & Men's Neck Down Henley

Another week has flown by and the winds persist here on the coast. They promised us warm weather yesterday, but it was never quite warm enough to sit outside for lunch. And the wind!!

Been spending most of my free time either working on hubby Neckdown Henly or reading about CSS (web design). Hubby's sweater was started probably a year ago. All that remains is about 1/2 of the arm. I had him try it on and I will have to add about an inch in length. Otherwise it looks quite well. Raglans aren't the best style for him, but this is an "around the house" sweater and I think he will enjoy the comfort of it. I am going to clip a row about 2 or 3 rows above the ribbing, pick up the stitches, knit an inch and then knit off on waste yarn. Then block it. Then graft it back to the ribbing. Should be flawless!! The yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted and the color is Camelot. One of my exclusive colors. He wears a lot of brown and creams.

2 big shipments will be arriving today to the store. Our weekly box from Lorna's Laces and Cascade Yarns. I'm really satisfied with my decision to cut back to only 2 yarn companies, but stock all the colors and as many yarns from those companies as possible. And it is a sinch to special order yarns when I am already getting so many shipments each month. Really, I mean, Cascade has all the basic, classic yarns, plus novelty yarns. And Lorna's Laces is all about quality and color! I love it!!

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